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This is a bit of a weird issue.


Got a 64GB Micro SDXC card and mini usb adapter to give the 128GB MBA (running 10.7.4) a bit of space as it was running out of space.


I formatted the drive to OSX journaled and moved the iPhoto library to it, all good.


I decided i wanted to start a fresh backup so made a new Time Machine USB 500GB drive ready. I set it as the backup drive and in the options, remove my 64GB drive from the "Do not backup drive" list.


I remove it, in the bottom of the window, it shows that the estimated backup is 140GB, which it should. But when I close the window it seems to automatically revert back and when the time machine job runs, it says it is only backing up about 40GB.


I open the window again and the 64GB drive is back in the "Do not backup" list!


Is this a bug?


Is there a specific HFS format i need to choose?