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I deleted FCS just before I installed the FCPX trial. I would like to get use of STP's audio clips and noise reducing capabilities. I don't see the equivalent in FCPX tho maybe the Additional Content has it but trial users can download it.

Is it ok to re-install STP, and should I move FCPX to a folder?

Will STP's clips show up in GB?


If bot, will FCPX have the capabilities of STP to fix background noise by setting print and reducing noise?

Has STP's music been transferrred so FCPX users can acces it somehow?

MacBook Pro 2.66 ghz, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    The trial version is exactly the same as the paid for one, except it stops working after 30 days. Any projects and events you created will continue to work once you have bought the app.


    You can install the whole of FCS on your Mac and it will work perfectly alongside FCP X


    You can only access STPs music if you install it and then navigate to it in FCP X.




    This article tells you how to install FCS and FCP X.


    The initial comments about installing them on separate hard drives or partitions is absolute balderdash.


    I and many others have had all the apps installed on a single hard drive for the last year with no  problems whatsoever.


    The last section of the article describes how to install FCS when you already have FCP X installed.




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