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I have an iPad 2 and iPad 3.  Both have the same issue.  I will start playing music using the music app (standard app which came with the iPads).  Music plays fine.  I will then open an app such as Safari or iBooks.  Sometimes the music will continue to play.  Other times it will stop.  I can't seem to reproduce the experience the same way each time.  For example, I can open the music app, start the songs playing and then click on home button to open Safari (or iBooks).  When I do that, the music will stop.


I am using the latest iTunes, have my iOS up to date etc.  I regularly sync to my MacBook Pro which has Mountain Lion.


I suspect I am simply doing some step in the incorrect fashion.


Any suggestions oir advice are welcome.

iPad, iOS 5.1.1, iPad 3
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    That's normal.  Some apps will shut the music down while others will allow it to continue.  Generally, if an app has sound, the music shuts down.

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    Actually, in my experience - if you are using the music app and then switch to another app - the music may stop ever so briefly - and I mean for about a second - and then it will start playing again. That split second of stoppage is just because the device is switching to another app and may be short on memory - at least that's my assumption. Otherwise, the music should continue to play.


    The built in music app should run in the background as do radio apps like Pandora, iHeart Radio, TuneIn Radio. Those apps should continue to run in the background when you switch apps. They are some of the few apps that really do run in the background in iOS.

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    Thinking a bit more, I believe that I'm half-right.  Turn on Pandora and then open something like CNN or even Safari.  Music continues.  However, touch a news story that has a video with sound.  That's when Pandora stops and it does not restart until you open it again and manually restart it.


    When I was younger, I was real fast.  Now I'm half-fast!

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    Not always.

    Try opening a game.

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    I have run into occasional playback issues stopping when my iPad 3 either sleeps or I change apps using. Resetting it by holding the Sleep button till the "Slide to power off" message appears then restarting it fixes it. I have also occasionally seen this on my iPhone 4 so it must be a iOS 5 issue.

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    If you have Siri, just ask her to play you som music when you have the game opens.

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    So I don't know about the ipad but as far as my iphone 4 i have had the same problem. Sometimes opening apps my music will stop and other times opening the same apps it will continue playing. I have found that if you close all of the apps, then play music, then reopen the desired app, the music will continue playing. (for the iphone 4 this means at the home page double click the home button then hold your finger on the apps on the bottom until they shake and hit the minus sign)


    Hope this helps

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    Background App Refresh must be on for it to work in multi-task mode.  Just tried it both ways. Work great now while I surf...