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We have an HP scan/print/fax printer.  When I scan documents, I file them in my Documents file.  They appear there as pdf's.  When I'm in Word and try to bring one of those scanned documents into what I'm working on, I get the notification box that asks me what I am converting this file from.  I've tried all the choices there and none produce anything more than garbled stuff.  And PDF is not one of the choices.  I'm probably showing my inexperience in working with pdf's, but in any event I'd appreciate help on this.  I don't recall having this problem when in past years I used the Scanner and Camera Wizard with (I believe) a Windows PC I had then (I thought maybe I'd used it with this two-year-old MacPro, but I can't find it through Finder; maybe it's strictly a Windows program?).

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)