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I Posted this under Mountain Lion as Safari had no connectivity issues for me when I got my mbp and it had lion installed and ran beautifully-


NOW my apple (s) run fine on mountain lion


for a little bit,


and then I get "Safari Cannot Connect to Server"


Now during this frequent occurance the  APP store hangs and hangs as well.


This is most annoying-


The only way to use my apple products after this happens is to restart them


and then they work until they go into sleep mode,



sometimes they screw up before that and then


"Safari Cannot Connect to Server"


my Airport utility shows that it is scanning for  networks-


When I was right in the middle of buying something from amazon-- I had to go to my decrepit old windows xp connected up only for cox email to complete the transaction-


This is not acceptable. Since it occurs on both of my apple computers and only started when I installed mountain lion.


This has continually gotten worse to the point I must restart my laptop continually-


Apple better get the lead out of their butts and fix this glaring fault- or should I install another web browser?


which I am disinclined to do-


I spent a fortune on these apple products and I expect them to work properly- I went to apple because I was so sick of microsoft and its endless headaches and updates and freezes lol--


kind of funny if you think about it.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), dropped wifi
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    I may have the same problem.  The interesting thing is when this happens, my Skype, iMessage and other programs that requires internet connection can all still connect.  Only Safari and Chrome are affected.  Next time I will check Mail and Mac App Store to see whether or not they are affected.

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    For me this happens for both WIFI and wired connections.

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    Hi BSU1960, 


    I found the solution to my problem on a different forum.  Turns out for some reason the anti-virus software that I run was interferring with my browsers' connecting to the internet.  Once I disabled the web protion of the anti-virus my problem went away.


    I have a question to Kaspersky Security, hopefully will find out what was the root cause.

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    Hi Chuender,


    I will take this under advisement and I sincerely appreciate your help. I hope your question to Kaspersky does the trick- They are the best team for protection in my eyes, used them for years. I have been working alot and not been on the computer very much, THANK YOU !