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Having re-installed Mountain Lion on my MDC and Clients and NOT deleted any Xsan Sys Prefs and KeyChain passwords, finally managed to get all my clients Authorized OK.


Then attached my Retina Display MBP through a Thunderbolt to FC convertor box (Promise SanLink) to the FC switch ... the RetDisp MDC mounts the SAN Vol just fine and can read and write to it OK (terrific being able to attached 28TB of fast FC storage to my MBP!) ... however, on the MacMini MDC now get an error message for the RetDisp MBP saying 'incorrect search policy' for the laptop.


Blaidd Drwg has already supplied in the previous thread a link to a useful Apple KB article which I'll share here:


"Incorrect search policy": http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3888


I am using XSAN to manage accounts and log-ins and not Open Directory ... will see if this fixes the problem.




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    This KB fixed the problem .... you have to change the search directories on the client not on the MDC ... then it's fixed straight away on the MDC.


    Being able to have my RetDisp MBP laptop access the FC XSAN volume is sweet! .. running Resolve 9 on it and grading 5k EPIC files is pretty amazing .. Thunderbolt to HD SDI BMD box and into a calibrated reference monitor to give accurate colors plus Tbolt RedRocket card in Sonnet enclosure .. unreal.


    Nesxt step .. adding a Win 7 PC through StorNext FX2 ... should be fun :-)