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I recently purchased a copy of Logic Pro from the App Store and was disappointed to find that the Impulse Response Utility was no longer part of the package. Actually it is, but it's a bit difficult to find. Also hard to find: clear instructions on how to access it. There is a sentence in the manual but the discussions I found here, while helpful, did not tell you exactly how to access the Impulse Response Utility. If you're looking for this info, here you go:


First, you'll have to open LogicPro and insert a Space Designer plug-in in a channel strip. The Impulse Response Utility is accessed from within the Space Designer Reverb plug-in, under the IR Sample menu, located at the left-hand side of the plug-in GUI at the top of the round section. Clicking the small triangle will open a menu. One of these menu items opens the Impulse Response Utility.




Once open, the Impulse Response Utility will be visible in the dock. Moving its icon in the dock will keep it visible in the dock even after you quit. You can also find it under the Apple Menu's Recent Items, although the dock is a better place for it as the Recent Items are always being updated. Instead of installing the Impulse Response Utility in your Apps or Utilities folder, as in the DVD-based installer, it seems Apple has bundled the Impulse Response Utility inside the Logic App package. If you know how to unpack an App, you can find it in there, but I'd use the method described above. Poking around inside App packages can break them.


I have been using Logic since version 7 and it's improved dramatically since then. The new version, 9, is, IMO, the best DAW deal on the market. Any part of the content - the DAW App, the plug-ns or the instruments and loops - would be worth the price. One of the coolest, but little-known features is the Impulse Response Utility, which expands the capabilities of the Space Designer Reverb plug-in.


If you're unfamiliar with IR's and convolution reverbs like Logic's Space Designer, do yourself a favor and learn about it. It's a breakthrough in digital reverb technology that opens the door to limitless creative possibilities.

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