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When I try to start up a graphics-intensive game (e.g. Deus Ex: HR, Assassin's Creed), the graphics completly freeze up, and the computer requres a hard reboot.


I have Windows installed on another partition on the disk, and the same issue occurs there, at least with games (the only thing I run on that side).  The screen goes "blank" (actually, grey with lines running up and down), and requires a hard reboot.


What's odd is that this really points to some sort of problem with the graphics card, but Apple Hardware Test reports no issues with the hardware.  I've zapped the PRAM several times to no avail (reading somewhere that that would help), but it hasn't


Any ideas?  Anything else that I can try to narrow down the problem before I bring the computer to the Apple Store for repair?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1), 27", Core i7, Radeon 6970M
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