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I had a MobileMe account that was obviously discontinued.  I was able to hold on to my email address without upgrading to Lion when MobileMe officially "closed".  I lost my ability to sync all of my devices seamlessly by not upgrading to their "free" service, so I was forced to upgrade to Lion eventually (thanks, Apple!).  Now I just have a lot of doubled info, and it isn't as "clean" as MobileMe was.  For instance, with iCal, I have two sets of calendars: one set labeled "xxx@me.com" and a duplicate set labeled "iCloud".  They are the same calendars, except the xxx@me.com ones don't get pushed to the cloud...i'm assuming they are what was on my computer already before iCloud was added. Why can't I just merge the doubled-up calendars? Why wasn't this feature added to iCal years ago? It wouldn't be that big a deal, but it's confusing when it comes to which calendars get updated and which don't. It's an extra step that defeats the purpose of this product.  I don't want to have to go through each and every event one-by-one and change which calendar they're in.  It would take hours, maybe days!

Anyone else move to iCloud from MM with this issue? I also have doubled-up email accounts on my iPhone, but that's for another topic.