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I just got my Thunderbolt Monitor and set it up and I know power is getting to it because it is powering my MacBook Pro, but the display will not turn on. I went into system preferences and asked to detect displays and nothing happened.

Thunderbolt Display, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    I have the same problem with the 1st Thunderbolt port it does not detect the display but does connect to network. When I move the plug to the 2nd THunderbolt port it detects the display - why is that . This fault started 2 weeks ago.

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    Is there a fix to this issue yet? I just received my Thunderbolt 27" widescreen LED Monitor.  My new MacBook Air detects the monitor just fine but my MacBook Pro does not.  Is there an update I should look for?

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    Anyone found any support on these issues? I too plugged in my 2012 Macbook Pro to a nice new thunderbolt monitor display today, and nothing (well, power works)

    I know its not the monitor as both my collegues Macs work fine with it.

    What's going on here?

    Seems to be a common issue.

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    Yep me to.  I have a newer imac 27" with and additional thunderbolt display montior - It has recently stopped booting up. I tried rebooting pRAM and reseting montior by unpluging everything and starting over. This actually worked once but then I made the fatal mistake  of shutting everything down at the end of the work day and it has never come back since. Called Apple tech support - they had me do what I had already done and then wanted me to go to the "local apple store" for help - that is an hour away for me so I unplugged everything again and started over - Yep it came back to life - I am a slow learner so I decided to test it and shut it off - guess what - now it no longer works. I agree with the other posters it is not a problem with the display other than the brilliant engineers at Apple somehow figured it did not actually need a power switch? Really - and that person still works at apple?

    Anyway, I would love for someone to find a fix for this as it really cuts into productivity - It seems to me it is a firmware or software issue - too  many folks with the same issues and they randomly come and go. I really don't want to drive an hour each way to a the apple store to be told the same thing I already know!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks - brooxman