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Just got the PJ260V handycam. The first videos imported perfectly into iMovie 09. Now, with the second round, it won't recognize the camera. The only camera available is the one on the laptop. Everything else should be equal, but I'm obviously missing something. Has anyone else had this problem?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Perhaps i need to include some additional information.


    During the first download, I followed the instructions on the sony website for connecting the camcorder to the mac and opening iMovie. It worked with no problem.


    I did the same thing the second time, but iMovie only recognizes the iSight camera. I've tried:

    * changing the order in which I turn on equipment and power up iMovie (both before and after attaching the camera)

    * deleting all the files on the camera and then taking new video

    * updating all software (which it already was)


    I could understand if I was NEVER able to upload vids, but having done it once, I don't see what step I may be missing.



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    Don't shoot me, but did you set the camera for playback?

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    No shooting... LOL!


    Well, I think I did. When I turn it on, I make sure it's on Playback function and then choose event view.


    I've tried reading the "manual" that came with it, to make sure this is correct, but nowadays, those manuals are less than useless in three different languages.


    If there is another "playback" mode that I'm missing... that could be a problem

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    This just happened to me as well.  The first time everything worked fine.  On the second time iSight opens up!

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    I never found a solution to this... I ended up downloading HandBrake to import from the camera. It's another step, but at least it works... maybe this will get a bump and someone will have an answer.