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Hi, I'm having an ongoing issue with Apple, because, although YouTube has long since (has it been two years?) granted me a license to import movies longer than 15 minutes (as it has with thousands, maybe millions of YoutTube Channels), the iMovie/share/YouTube function will not allow videos longer than 15 minutes to be uploaded.

This means that, instead of uploading a 45 minute movie that might take 6 hours, and then it's done, it becomes necessary to divide the movie into 3 or 5 sections, upload each one, coming back to do this every 2 hours or so, then, putting them back together with the YouTube editor, and then finally, waiting while that processes...

The alternative is to make the movie into a QuickTime export move, which takes forever, then upload the movie from the  upload function at the YouTube site... But then, QuickTime movies' quality is poor, whereas the "share" movie quality is quite good, so, that option is out.

With the large amount of material I'm uploading, it's frankly wearing me down... - I've contacted apple (let's see, how long would it take an Apple software tech, working in the iMovie software department, to obviate the 15 minute block code, and then upload an update? 20 minutes? (I'm not sure - probably not very long...) by phone and at feedback, and it's been months, but, no reply...and no action. Basically Apple is very much behind the times with this block - does anyone live near Cupertino, who could just walk over there and get one of the techs to do this?

I have the feeling this is one of those things that could go on forever...perhaps, if there are others laboring on because of this, we could start a petition?

Is there anyone who knows a good way to get them to do this?

Thanks for any assistance, cheers, Lambert

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