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I have been using the Intuit GoPat card scanner for credit card processing on my ipad.  The scanners jack has broken off into the headphone jack and I am unable to remove the broken piece.  This has rendered my ipad silent as it thinks there are headphones attached...and I cannot obviously use a carad scanner device to process credit cards.  I took my Ipad to the Genius Bar...and the dud said he could not find a way to remove the piece... "try superglue".

I am unwilling to try susperglue....any help from anyone there?  I have contacted Intuit - their solution was to send me some additional card scanners.... 

Any suggestions?  Thanks?

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1
  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 (50,963 points)

    I have heard of the superglue thing. Generally, I believe you would put the super glue on the end of something like a stick from a cotton swab. But, yeah, it sounds a bit risky. You might try a third party repair shop.


    Best of luck.

  • lllaass Level 10 (176,163 points)
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    I don't think there is any way to answer this without seeing the iPad. You have it in your possession - what do you suggest?


    A very small pair of vice grips maybe - if the jack is sticking out far enough to get a grip. If you try it, make sure that you pull the jack out straight with a firm tug.


    If the piece is not sticking out, then you might want to look for someone that repairs iPads in your area. If you are a DYI guy try here.

  • imobl Level 5 (6,137 points)

    You could also try a real jeweler - one who makes and repairs

    jewelry. He will have a large collection of tools for dealing with

    small objects.

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    I too had a same problem, when I attached AUX IN pin of my car to my ipad it got stucked in it.I went to Apple Store, they were helpless and asked me to replace it with new one for 16000 INR.


    What I did is, I took a refill of a pen and sharped its back so that it exactly sits into the gap. After thar I applied some pressure and pulled it out...I got the remaining part wich was stucked.


    Try this, I hope this is risk free. All the Best.

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    tried something different.  if the broken jack piece left in the ipad still has a small post of metal showing (mine did) i took a short length of wire from a piece of 10/3 electrical wire (ground wire is bare copper) took a small soldering gun (as it heats up quickly), put some soldering flux on the end of the copper wire, heated it and put a light coating of solder on it, then put a small dab of flux on the broken jack end in the ipad, then took the copper wire, holding it with a small pliers, and rested the tip of the wire on the broken jack end in the ipad. then heated the copper wire about an inch above the ipad until just hot enough to melt the small quantity of solder on the wire which then moved down to the broken jack end.  you need to hold the copper wire very still when doing this so the solder joint doesn't break.  remove the heat from the wire, let the solder joint cool for a few seconds then lift out the broken jack. 

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    Hey All,

    Tried all methods as described on an iPhone, even grinding down a good pair of needle nose pliers without much luck then did as nobustobad suggested. Worked GREAT! Thank you so much!

    Had to scrape the glue used off the jack pin with a rifle file and leather needle. Used #14 solid electrical wire. Just as nobustobad described the flux is important as you wont get a good solder joint without it. Did add more solder but not very much as didn't want to get any on the walls around the jack. Had two people for the task, one to solder and the other with a steady hand to hold the wire. Sooo pleased with the results, thanks again nobustobad!

    Tried the jack out with earbuds after and all works well.

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    manoj karnati, you are brilliant.  the refill worked very well.  I only needed to enlarge the mouth of the refill a little with a tiny philips screwdriver and then it was easy to push the mouth of the refill against the part of the jack that was stuck in my iPad.  I gave it a few twists to make sure that refill caught onto the broken jack and simply pull.  The puppy came right out.  Thanks!

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    I just had this happen to my 12 year olds IPAD and here is the easiest solution which only took a second.  Go to your local Michaels or Hobby Lobby and purchase the mini long needle nosed pliers used in jewelry making.  They fit perfectly and they will grip the broke piece and pull out immediately.  This was much cheaper than the $249 it would have cost me to send it to Apple for repair.  Hope this helps.

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    It's pretty simple, and I'm a teenage boy of 14, so if I can figure it out then, meh. Anyways the best way to go is to use a flat bladed screwdriver, but it has to be small. Wedge the screwdriver between the port and the plug. It may take a few tries but u will succeed


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    I think the best easiest and cheapest way is to take an old pen ink tube. Only because not evyone has a soldering gun and you really can't find needle nose small enough to work.


    Use the other end of the tube someetimes you may have to cut the end off because they put a filler in the end so the ink can not explode. Take the aux wire that broke and break off the other end the same way and hold onto that tiny peice.


    Now Get the hot glue gun out and sample it on the tiny pieice while holding it with needle nose pliers. I say this only so you can see how tiny of  drop of hot glue is needed.


    Stick the hot glue into the opposite end of the ink tube then place the broken piece into it and hold it for 30 sec. Now try to pull it apart!


    Now try this several times and onece you think you have it mastered then try it on the IPOD or IPHONE. Pretty cool huh?

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    I used an ink tube, with a dab of super glue inside it. Hold the ipad upside down to prevent glue dripping out of ink tube. Worked first time.

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    If you can, book an appointment for Apple as soon as you can. Don't try anything before you go to the store, as they will try and get the headphone jack for you as soon as you get into the store, even if you don't have an appointment. But, it is more polite to have an appointment. If they see you have tried to glue it, they'll immediately say they can't fix it. But they were very good to me, I just walked straight into the store and they took my phone in for me, but werent able to fix it.


    Anyway, so I went away thinking I would be soundless as the glue had seeped down, but I was lucky, it hadn't seeped all the way. So, my dad scraped the glue with a flathead screwdriver, so he was left with a small protruding rim of the jack that he had made bigger slightly by scraping the screwdriver along the inside of, and using needle nose pliers, he gave the rim a few firm tugs and it was out!


    If a small bit of metal didn't come out with the bigger bit of the headphones, then scrape the plastic out of the headphone jack.


    Hope this helps!

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    To get the ink tube without glue to work is all about the pressure you put on the plastic tube while pushing it in around the broken jack in phone. I put it in then pushed the exposed tube and phone down against my table and it went in farther and bam out came the tinny end of the jack.

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