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Where is the Logic?


I would very much like to upgrade to soundTrack Pro 3 but the only option would be for me to buy a full version of Logic Studio 9 for £417.00


I already have Logic Pro 9 from the app store and don't want mainstage so that would be a very expensive purchase just to get STP 3.


Why can't I get STP3 as a seperate bit of software?  or as an upgrade to STP2.


I could use Audition but I'm not keen on it and prefer STP even with its failings. Anyway I refuse to pay £417 for software that should cost about £150 IMO.


As I say where is the Logic? why don't apple just put STP3 on the app store?  I just don't get it.

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    SoundTrackPro has not been offered as a standalone bit of sofware for years and years (if ever). It is now EOL (end of life - otherwise known as "late") and there is no way to purchase it as single program.


    Apple does not care what you think. Apple knows much better than you what the future will be and they will control it. Either get on board, go some other direction or get run over.


    If you MUST have it, see if you can find someone selling a Final Cut Studio 3 (aka FCS 2009) package. It will have STP3 included.  Otherwise, find a legacy Logic verion that included STP. If you must have it, pay the asking price or find another software package and move on.



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    Yes I know all that,  you are very clever... Apple should be very careful of not caring what it's users think. I've been using/ buying apple products since the dark days of the early 1990 and they were very keen for support then.. they should remember their past...

    my point is they ARE still selling STP3 from new so that is not quite EOL.. so why not as a stand alone package? how hard would that be? or at least offer the upgrade path.

    The problem with paying the asking price for the studio package is paying for Logic ( again) etc along with it. 

    Yes it may be old fashioned but it does what I want, particularly for precise editing and correcting of long  mainly spoken sound files. Logic does not seem to do this quite so well!  ( maybe that's just me ). Audition gets close but I just find it clumsy some how.  Any suggestions?

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    Any suggestions?

    Bite the bullet. If you MUST have the last version, pay the price and stop complaining.


    fwiw - Apple's business model has constantly bet against "consumer think" and won. What you want will never happen.