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I forgot my restrictions password on my iPhone about three months ago and have just not bothered restoring the iPhone since then. Now, I am getting a data issue with the phone that does not allow me to use 3G or anything that requires cellular data (iMessage, email, Safari, etc). This problem is not related to the lost restriction passcode. Online people have recommended to restore the iPhone to factory settings.


How can I restore my iPhone without restoring the restriction passcode? From what I understand, I cannot restore from a back up without restoring the passcode. Is this true? If I can't use a backup, how can I avoid losing my contacts (most imporant), pictures, music, etc? Do I need to manually back up each one of these?


If anyone could advise me to the best method that I can restore my iPhone without a) restoring the restrictions passcode and b) losing my contacts, pictures, music, etc., it would be grealy appreciated!

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1