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tflane3 Level 1 Level 1

What are some good free malware programs to use?

  • sig Level 8 Level 8

    Why would you want malware?

  • rrahimi Level 3 Level 3

    Most malware is free, they actually insist on giving it to you for free. Not sure about the good part.


    On a more serious note, "Mal" = "Bad", so Malware means bad software; Software that is meant to do harm.


    If you are looking for Anti-Malware like Anti-Virus, you wouldn't need them on your Mac.

  • thomas_r. Level 7 Level 7
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    Obviously, you are asking about anti-virus software. It's unfortunate, but not acceptable, that your choice of words has opened you to derision.


    The only anti-virus programs I recommend for the Mac are ClamXav and Sophos. Both are free. Whether you need them or not is a point of contention, and depends greatly on your particular situation. For information to help you learn to better protect yourself, and to decide whether or not you need anti-virus software, see my Mac Malware Guide.