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I'm using ARD to administer an iMac lab. I know how to install packages using ARD, but App Store apps require an Apple ID. I want to install free educational apps (not paid) on every machine in my lab.


  • Should I make a new Apple ID for myself as administrator, or for the school? Or can I use my own?
  • How do I automatically install an App Store app on every computer? Do I have to manually enter my Apple ID and password on every machine or is there an automated way, as with packages?


The current version of ARD (3.6) doesn't seem to have been updated with the App Store in mind. There should be a way to enter my credentials and automatically "sign" the apps, then deploy them with one click like regular packages.


Or, is there a limit to the number of seats that can run an app downloaded under one ID, even with free apps? In that case, how the heck do I get a free app installed on every machine?


Thanks in advance for any help.