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I am trying to add minutes to my cellular data plan but the view account button is missing from  the cellular data screen.  I have activated it before and am running out of minutes. I did receive a notification that I was at 10% but ignored at the time.  It's a new ipad so this would be the first time I am adding minutes outside of the initial set up but I have had no problems in the past with my old device.  Any thought on how to fix this?


Three things that may be factors:

1.I have downloaded apps, some of which may not be the greatest quality (not to knock free apps)

2. The SIM pin is showing as unknown and it won't let me edit it--but I don't recall getting a SIM pin during setup

3. I am the primary cardholder for the cellular data plan on the other iPad in my home.  Both are AT&T.  Both devices are also primarily used with Wi-Fi.

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    Some network carriers don't support Account Viewing on iPad. Mine doesn't.


    I'm not entirely sure whether your network carrier supports that feature on newer models. Is may be best to contact them for troubleshooting.


    Also, did you transfer your SIM from a previous device? If so, it may be them SIMs PIN, but I'm not sure.