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  • Decii Level 1 Level 1

    I am livid at this stupid change. I always have songs downloaded to my iPhone 4 so I can listen when I don't have a signal (wifi or carrier). I constantly change what I want to listen to on my 16Gig iPhone 4. Also, I don't know about everyone else but data usage with my phone company is finite, so when I'm out and about I can't be hammering it all the time!! My iPhone 4 is always hooked into my car system too. It's just not practical to be streaming from your car.

    So now you have to turn iTunes Match off in order to delete music from your iPhone. Why?! I just did this and then it took 2 minutes to come back to life after I turned Match back on! What monkeys made this usability decision? Pathetic.

  • Sid Much Rock Level 1 Level 1

    Hows this for a test:


    With iTunes Match on, I played a track for the first time on my iPhone.  Played it all the way through.  It streamed down (just like it did in iOS5 despite what some of you believe).


    I then turned my iPhone to Airplane Mode.  Wow it only shows music that's on the device.  This is good news.  Quicker than turning iTunes Match on and off.  But wait, this doesn't really tell you what's downloaded, but what's downloaded or downloaded to cache (which may vanish at any time at discretion of the iPhone).


    The song played as expected, so it's finding it in its cache.  That's good.  We have no idea how long it will stick around in that cache, but it's there now and I'm not connected to the internet.


    So now I turn iTunes Match off.  The song is no longer on there -- only the things I explicitly downloaded.  Okay so we know it was only in the cache and not downloaded.  This is what we expected.


    So I want to make sure that song stays on my phone.  So we turn iTunes Match back on.  It shows only my downloaded tracks as we're in airplane mode and it can't connect to the server.  Note that it doesn't show me my previously downloaded (to the cache) track anyore, only things I explicitly downloaded.


    Turn airplane mode off.  Lauching Music on the phone a few times (until it finally shows the loading cloud icon) and wait for 3 minutes.  Now I see all my potential music again.


    I turn Airplane Mode back on.  My downloaded-to-cache track isn't there.  So by turning iTunes Match off and back on, it appears we cleared the cache. 


    So Airplane Mode back off.  Find my track.  Stream it again (note that I'm given the option to download)  Airplane Mode back on.  Track still there.  Great.


    I then download the song (by downloading everything from that artists which happened to be just that song), but it was slow and the spinning Internet access icon is going.  IT WAS ACTUALLY GOING OUT TO THE INTERNET TO GET MY SONG AGAIN, INSTEAD OF JUST GRABBING THE COPY FROM THE LOCAL CACHE AND MOVING IT OVER.  This is just horrible software engineering.  Apple has lost it.

  • mmarcelfm Level 1 Level 1

    Adding another problem to these new iTunes Match behaviour:


    iTM sometimes buffers the next song of a playlist, or album, even if u skip the track before hear it. When u choose to not see all musicas, the unwanted buffered song is shown on musics list.


    Mother of God, how terrible Apple engineers could be with new iTM on iOS 6

  • SciFired Level 1 Level 1

    Agree with most of the complaints on here and have submitted feedback to apple. In it's present state iTM is now unusable for me. I don't want to see all my albums ALL the time - it takes too long to scroll! I want it to be:-


    Essential music shortlist stored local. Think of missing album. Show all music. Download said album. Hide cloud based tracks. Decide i'm tired of an album appearing on shuffle. Delete tracks. Back to Ideal shortlist.


    But the lack of a delete is killer. I tried to play its stupid game without the deleting part but it was too painful. Cos now when you turn on iTM, it erases all your tracks stored locally! Why?! Not clever. it then takes an age for me to manually queue up all the albums it's deleted for REdownload. to make it less enjoyable not only did downloading take much MUCH longer than syncing, it got stuck several times meaning i had to police them all from the itunes store. Also ate battery! (80% to 33% in 1.5hours)


    I honesty now think they don't want to run this service anymore and have made it so deliberately crap to ward people off.  OR they've given this important job to some inexperienced graduate as a project.

  • Fitzcon Level 1 Level 1

    I'm just throwing my name in the hat as someone who is completely frustrated by this "update".  Thanks to everyone who contributed above - the bottom line is that we have lost control of the music we own, and the ability to move those files onto and off a device/service we pay a LOT of money for.  Really disgusting.


    Apple engineers - please fix this.  I'm not an apple fan-boy, but I have loved my experience with both their hardware and software the last several years.  This is a MAJOR issue.  Let's see if music is really that important to Apple (as they profess at seemingly every "announcement")...because the diminished functionality we're discussing does not indicate there are a lot of music lovers in Cupertino these days.....

  • Bcaloia Level 1 Level 1

    I am forced to agree with everyone here.  I use iTM at work in a spotty WIFI at best, and when trying to 'stream', the song quality is jerky with frequent interruptions.  In iOS5, I could download individual songs, not albums and play what I wanted to hear without the jerkiness (once the songs I wanted finished completely downloading).  I DO NOT want to download entire albums, I DO NOT want to 'stream' anything, and this change has completely broken the iTM experience for me.  I am disgusted.  I want to download individual songs to my device that I can play without streaming.

  • JDecker1978 Level 1 Level 1

    I agree this is a pain, but heres a pretty easy solution. If you click music under settings, and switch "show all music" to off, you can then go back and swipe it to delete. Then go switch it back on and you are good to go. Worked for me. You can at least delete albums or playslists that way.

  • CraigDax Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks, but i i hate how Apple has made this more complicated than it has to be. I liked iTunes Match the way it was before when you could just delete songs by swiping your finger without having to turn iTunes Match on and off, this blows .

  • Sid Much Rock Level 1 Level 1

    "If you click music under settings, and switch "show all music" to off, you can then go back and swipe it to delete. Then go switch it back on and you are good to go. Worked for me. You can at least delete albums or playslists that way."


    I can't get this to work.  I turn off show all music.  I then seen what I've downloaded.  There is no swipe to delete if I'm looking at the album in the listing, at the artist in the listing, or at the track.  Swiping the first two just brings up the associated tracks.  Swiping the third just play the track.  I can get playlists to delete that way.  Of course that's useless since it doesn't delete the track from your phone, just a virtual bucket they'd been gathered in.

  • mcanic1 Level 1 Level 1

    Apple, please make adding and removing songs available again... I'm using iTunes match for a week now, many songs still have the status 'waiting' and cannot be played!!! and also I can't delete songs... thinking about asking for a refund...


    Apple, Please put the delete functionality back in!!!

  • JDecker1978 Level 1 Level 1

    Thats wack I swear it worked earlier. The album I was testing it on is still gone, but I tried it on another and no luck. Sorry.

  • ulrichfromregensburg Level 1 Level 1

    Ok. Not a bug. Even worse! I don't want Apple to decide what I must keep on MY iPhone. I want to be able to make these decisions. If the delete feature doesn't come back buying iTunes match was a stupid mistake which will not happen again!

  • Spreadly Level 1 Level 1

    Hello All.


    I've been playing with iTunes Match quite a lot now. While I see the issues regarding deleting/dowloading individual songs as a potential problem for some, this new version is exactly what I've been wanting.


    It allows me to pre-load my iphone with the music I want on it all the time. It then allows me by switching iTunes Match on to download albums/artists on the move if I wish by switching the settings to 'show all music'.. then when the iCloud songs become visible I just stream what I want then switch the settings back to NOT 'show all music'... Now I just have the music I originally put on the phone and the new artists visible (not the whole iCloud, although you can if you wish)


    These 'new' songs are stored in a cache on the phone so can be used until (we are assuming) the cache fills and starts deleting the older cached songs.


    I really like the fact that these songs I've streamed on the move can be deleted from their cache by toggling iTunes Match on and off and boom.. back to only the music I specifically wanted on the phone.


    I never used ios5 Match because it didn't have this feature, the individual deleting of songs I added on the fly drove me mad.


    It's obviously horses for courses but for me its a big improvement



  • Dcwarren Level 1 Level 1



    but wouldn't you agree IOS6 would be better if they put back some of the functionality they've taken off i.e. the ability to put individual tracks on your phone without having to sync your phone with iTunes, and giving the user the ability to delete which songs he/she wants to delete rather than leaving it for icloud to choose which ones to delete. I don't think any of these features would have any impact on how you want to use iTunes, so if they made these changes we'd all be happy.

  • Spreadly Level 1 Level 1

    Totally agree. I suspect these features may well come back.


    I just feel overall it allows me to delete all the songs I've streamed in one move which wasn't there before.


    I always had issues syncing music where the phone didn't delete songs I downloaded in ios5 itunes match, which I didn't want on the phone anymore when I synced with iTunes, I had to manually seek them out and delete which I found annoying. Maybe this was part of the reason this change was made.


    Again I agree they could re-introduce old features also but for me just a big improvement. I guess we all use our libraries differently.

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