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  • Dcwarren Level 1 Level 1

    I'm going to have a go using your method. Are you saying if I turn off iTunes Match all the tracks that I've streamed which are stored in my cache will be deleted? If so is there any way of keeping certain tracks on there that I want to listen to all the time? Moreover, how do I manage my "preloaded" list?




  • Spreadly Level 1 Level 1

    Hi again


    1. Turn Off iTunes Match on your phone (may be best to turn it on and off after)


    2. Connect iPhone to Computer. Click on your phone in the left panel. Click on 'Music' above the phone information (top of iTunes screen)


    2. Click 'Sync Music'. Tick all the music you want on the phone. (do a test if you wish and just click a couple of albums/songs?)


    3. Sync iPhone


    4. This Music is on your phone now, check it is.


    5. Turn ITM on your phone


    6. Wait a while! You'll have an apple there for what seems too long, make a coffe.


    7. All your iCloud Music will appear. This is important. Although all your iCloud artists/songs etc appear they are not on your phone, it is just a list of potential stuff you could have.


    8. At this point you can stream music direct to your phone by clicking on any artist/song OR dowmload it to your phone permanantly by clicking the cloud icons. For now just click on the actual song...


    9. When you've listened to the song. Stop and turn ITM off.


    10. You will see after a while (be patient or close the music app and open it again, may take a couple of goes) that the music you put on from your computer is still there. The track you streamed will have gone.


    11. Important point is that whatever you download to the phone will not disappear, ITM just gives you the option of adding to what is on your phone either a) temporarily by streaming or b) permanantly by downloading by the cloud icon. It won't delete the music you have on there.


    Theres more but let me know how this goes?


    Hope it helps.



  • steve.lawrence Level 1 Level 1

    I have found that when you use iTunes Match in this way you end up with missing coverart all over the place that seems to come and go as it chooses. If you delete all your music, turn on iTunes Match and then download the music you want that way... no missing cover art.

  • Spreadly Level 1 Level 1

    The Cover art can take a few days to sort itself out, it did with ios5 also.


    If the cover art is on your mac/PC it's not a problem. Either use the 'Get album art' feature of iTunes or you can place it manually.


    If it's there on your computer it should come through eventually.

  • Joel S Level 2 Level 2

    Is it still the case with iOS6 (I am still on iOS5) that when you manually download songs, artwork is not included in that? It's one of my peeves with iTM, that artwork is not downloaded until the song is played, meaning that you have to have an internet connection when you play the song to get the artwork.

  • Spreadly Level 1 Level 1

    My experience of this in both ios5 and ios6 is that if the artwork is there on your mac/PC it will appear on your ITM listings, it may take a few days though.


    I've about 120GB music of which i've added about 1/3 manually from albumart (amazon). I've periodically had to re-do this on a couple of albums but rarely.


    All of it has found its way to the iCloud but it can take time. Although switching from ios5 to ios6 has not been an issue, all album art for me has been present so far.

  • Joel S Level 2 Level 2

    Speadly, different issue. Even when artwork appears in the listings, that is just a thumbnail, and not the full artwork. When you start playing a song, iTM will then download the full artwork and associate it with the song. This is similar to what iTunes does with artwork - the artwork is not part of the song, it is a separate file that is associated with the song. iTM does this with all songs that were 'matched'. This can be easily confirmed by doing the following: manually download a bunch of songs that were 'matched' that haven't been on your device. Put phone into Airplane mode after they are downloaded. Start playing songs. You'll see that none of them will have artwork. At least, this has been my experience with iOS5.

  • Spreadly Level 1 Level 1




    I think I did what you said. I downloaded a song from match to my phone which has never been on there (I'm pretty sure, it's awful). I went to AP mode but it did play with art work after that.


    I agree I had issues for a few days after I first used ITM but not had any issues since.


    Is the artwork visible on all the tracks on your album through 'Get info' then 'artwork' on the song files in the iTunes library?

  • Joel S Level 2 Level 2

    Perhaps iOS6 has changed things then. That would be good.

  • Spreadly Level 1 Level 1

    Best Tip re. artwork I can give is


    Before you do anything check the 'automatically download missing artwork' tab is ticked in itunes preferences/general.


    I found that does get quite a lot of artwork but it gets most stuff bought from itunes


    If not


    1. Go to an album in iTunes and click on the song without album art


    2. Right click 'get info' then 'artwork'


    3. Often its not there. The only way I have consistantly resolved this is to 'select all' the tracks of an album, or an individual track and drag and drop the artwork from or direct from amazon(you cant copy/paste) directly onto the artwork tile of the tracks.


    Its always worked and its found its way onto itunes match after a few 'update itune match' clicks from 'store' in the status bar.


    hope it works





  • Michel Goldberg Level 1 Level 1

    In fact, on each list with imported songs you have a "modify" button that you may use to suprress  a tune ou reorder the songs.

    No ?

  • Philip Spark Level 1 Level 1

    No need to turn off itunes match.

    just select the playlist

    click the >

    on the next screen

    you get the options to edit clear delete

    edit allows you to delete individual songs in the playlist

    I used delete to get rid of a whole playlist I had downloaded onto my device using the cloud symbol

    not sure what the clear button does

  • koden Level 1 Level 1

    Hello. By deleting playlist you won't delete songs. After you delete playlist songs still will remain in you iPhone. By clear the playlist you will only clear the playlist. Mean you remove songs from play list but songs still remain in the iPhone , and playlist will remain as well but with out songs.

    As well you can download only songs you wish, without downloading full album. To do this you have to go to the album and press cloud button witch will start downloading all songs in this album, but you can stop downloading songs you don't want to be downloaded by pressing stop button on this song. This method is easier than creating new playlists.

  • Timothy Forbes Level 1 Level 1

    Yep this ***** ... why can't they add another section in iTunes that is 'Local Music' or 'Music on my iPhone' so we can have direct and easy access to anything that is ACTUALLY on my phone, and manage it from the Music app and not have to turn off iTM to manage it. Silly extra steps.

  • Bobby T Level 2 Level 2

    I have two seperate issues, which after reading this thread leads me to beleive these are somehow features...



    I can't download my entire library on my phone because there is not enough space.  How do I get the iphone to remove the 'cached' songs I don't want so I can make enough room to download an App?  If keeping songs without being able to delete them is a feature then it would be illogical for said feature to force someone to jump though hoops just to be able to buy an App...


    I removed several songs from a playlist.  The playlist on my phone still has these songs, the same songs that are taking up space I need.  Is this a 'feature' that requires one to create a new playlist instead of being able to modify an existing one???

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