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Several years ago (circa 2008) I bought an Hewlett Packard C7280 All-in-One Printer/Scanner/Fax machine. At the time of purchase HP supplied the driver software on a CD.  That software combined printing, scanning, fax, and optical character recognition (OCR) so that I could scan documents and any text would be translated direct into Appleworks or Pages.  The software was pretty good, particularly the OCR.


Screen shot 2012-08-06 at 09.31.10.png


Then, as you probably know, Apple had the great idea to have all printer drivers merge in with the OSX.  I immediately lost all functions other than printing and scanning. Even the buttons on the front of the device stopped working and the device had to be controlled only by way of the Mac.


Over the intervening years Apple has sent various updates to the HP printer software for my machine so that almost all functions have come back again but it's taken aeons for this to happen.  The most recent function to be restored I believe was the Fax function and that was several months ago now.


OCR, the function I miss the most, is still missing. I wonder if anyone has any 'insider knowledge' and can tell me if, or when, the OCR function on my device is likely to be restored?  I realise that to incorporate all functions for all machines that have ever existed is a daunting task but, as several years have gone by, I now wonder if this project is now anywhere near completion?


There was a version of ReadIris 7 supplied on the HP Driver CD but that app. was awful, even when it worked. The HP built-in OCR function was much easier to use.  Incidentally, now ReadIris 7 just quits with an error message so it's useless.  I would guess that it is now no longer supported.


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