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In the last couple of months I've noticed strange behaviour during startup/login wherein certain applications aren't automatically starting.


In particular:

- Evernote Helper

- Mint QuickView

- Growl

- Possibly more, 1Password Helper maybe? Not sure


Each of these programs has a setting within them or their main application counterparts to start automatically at login. Whether this setting is on or not, the programs don't trigger.


So far I've tried:

- uninstalling, clearing out application files with Hazel, reinstalling

- verifying the "Start at Login" settings in the plist preference files

- looking at the launchd files for these program entries (present in the override files)

- using Cocktail to repair/re-create the launchd files


Has anyone else experienced this? The work-around is to start these programs manually after login or in only some cases, add the program to the login items.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Late 2008
Solved by OoO_Bailey_OoO on Sep 20, 2012 9:50 PM Solved
10.7.5 update resolved the issues. Apparently this was a bug with Apple, pointed out in a 1Password forum and a Growl forum.