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Hi there,


I have a Mac Mini running Lion Server with Directory Services turned on. I've been using this to allow network users to log into Lion clients, as well as set up mobile accounts. This has been working fine.


Now I've just created a new network user for use with a Mountain Lion client and have experienced some strangeness with this new user's home directory. The binding to the directory was fine, and the credentials for the network user were fine. However, when logged in, this new user has his home drive mapped to /Network/Servers/<servername>/Users/<username> rather than the expected /Users/<username>. This has bad side-effects. For instance, Chrome tries to save downloads to the server instead of locally.


What I can't work out is why the home directory isn't pointing to a local location. The other users (on Lion) have the same home directories defined in their Open  Directory profiles. The only difference is the new user is on Mountain Lion, but I don't think this has any bearing to the problem.


Can anyone offer some advice?



MacBook Pro 2.26 GHz, Mac OS X (10.7.1)