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the article said that if you changed a new sim card to the same iphone you have to reconnect to itunes later. but what if my laptop with the itunes got stolen? what should i do? is there a solution?

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    If the SIM Card is from the same cell phone Carrier, you can switch SIM Cards whenever you like. If your iPhone is unlocked for all Carriers, then you can switch SIM Cards from any Carrier whenever you like. iTunes is not necessary.

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    thanks for replying but the thing is how do i know if my phone is unlocked for all carriers and i'm actually not from the us. so does that make any difference whether which country im in? also if i'm changing cell phone carriers i'll be given a new sim card. is there any solution for this? thanks!

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    call there carrier that the phone started out with, and they can unlock it or tell you if its unlocked

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    Where did you buy the iphone where are you now  and which carrier do you want to use


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    i bought my phone in malaysia still in malaysia just want to change to another carrier. but my phone can only accept 3 carriers not all.