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Hey everyone:


I've got a weird one here.  I've made my first project using iMovie.  I want to burn a DVD, so I clicked >>Share >> iDVD and it comes over fine.  I then setup a menu and stuff and burned it.  However, when I play it on my 52" plasma, it doesn't fit correctly.  It fills the screen, but it's almost like it's zoomed in so it cuts off of ALL edges.


So I did some research and found this post and went to try it out.  So within iMovie, I click "share using Quicktime" and change some of the various settings and export the movie as a Quicktime (.MOV) file to my "Movies" folder.  The movie is about 55 minutes, it says it'll take about 35 minutes to export.


35 minutes later I come back and the export box has closed, iMovie is still open, just like it should be, and the file I just exported is nowhere to be found.  It just disappears.  The second and third time I tried, I open a Finder window and watch the file get created, then get larger, and larger.  But once it's done, the file is gone.


So then I created a new project and made a movie that was only 10 minutes long.  It exports fine and the file is there when it's done.  In other words, I can't replicate the problem with a new project.  However, I have a lot of time in editing this movie and don't want to start over for fear of finding the same result.


What should I do?



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    The same thing happens to me.  Is anyone from Apple monitoring this discussion thread?  No one responded to your post.

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    The EXACT same thing happens to me.  I did it twice!!!   after waiting 40 minutes the file is not there!!!   does anyone have an answer???

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    I have this same problem and there are several threads running about it.  I have the paid-for version of iMovie, and cannot even get it to export a Quicktime movie.  This makes it even more useless than I already find it to be.  I spent the last two days working on a video, and for me to send it to my client, I would have to freight my computer to them so they could view it.



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