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Updated from 10.6.8 to 10.8.  HP Scan software utility no longer boots, yielding an error message warning of incompatibility.  I run Software Update over and over again, but HP Scan still did not boot.


I ran HP Uninstaller, but it did not remove the HP folder within Applications.  So I deleted HP Scan and other utilities manually.


I ran Software Update again, and it re-downloaded and re-installed HP Printer Software Update 2.11.  However, it did not install the HP Scan utility.  Now I can only scan using the Printer/Fax System Preference or Image Capture, whereas the HP Scan utilility had much more functionality.


Apparently HP Scan is only part of HP's Full Software Install.  However, Mountain Lion ONLY allows the use of Software Update for printers, and there is nowhere on the HP website to download the HP Scan utility or Full Software for Mountain Lion -- they only instruct one to use Apple's Software Update which doesn't provide any HP utilities.


Where can I find the HP Scan utility (for PSC 1610) that is compatible with 10.8?  It certainly is not available from HP -- see: _lang=&product=390315



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion
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    The problem is that your scanner my not be compatible with Mountain Lion and the bigger problem is that HP might no longer support the scanner and provide an update. You need to contact them. This happened to me when I upgraded to Snow Leopard two years ago and my scanner became a large door stop. I then purchased an Epson and they have maintained compatibility through ML thusfar. Enough said.

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    Use Image capture located in your Utilities foder or go to System Preferences > Print & Scan.

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    Thanks, but according to both HP and Apple, the PSC 1610 is supported for Mountain Lion:


    and _lang=&product=390315


    There is no contacting HP directly.  Out-of-warranty telephone is more expensive than another "free" printer. ;=}


    Thanks again.

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    Then some of their software may not work so try hpr3's advice.

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    Thanks -- this is OK for workaround.  However, scanning is far more cumbersome.  For example, if I lay 3 checks on the glass, Sys Pref's Print & Scan creates individual scan marquees around each check and results in three separate scans rather than one.  Process requires deleting extra marquees and manually dragging a marquee around the entire preview.  Again, fine for a work around, but doubles the time required for the task.


    Thanks again kindly for the good workaround, but HP Scan is more feature filled with presets, etc.


    I remain hopeful I can find another copy of HP Scan.  HP swears it is compatible with 10.8....

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    I believe that ever since the introduction of Lion, HP Scan uses Image Capture by default. Try using Image Capture as there is no HP Scan for Lion or ML. I should have included this info in my original post.


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    Only newer models are provided with Full Feature Software solution for the latest operating systems.

    For older models scanning functionality provided using ICA (Image Capture Acquisition) Using Apple's software (Image Cpture, Preview, Print & Scan or any 3rd party ICA-Compatible software as Read Iris, VueScan, etc.).


    HP swears it is compatible with 10.8....

    Indeed the product is fully compatible with Mountain Lion for both printing and scanning, however the provided solution is different.

    You may find it clearly stated below: &os=219&product=390328&sw_lang=#N79


    For example, if I lay 3 checks on the glass, Sys Pref's Print & Scan creates individual scan marquees around each check and results in three separate scans rather than one


    From the scan interface, click Show Details and untick the Use Custom Size checkbox.

    After completing the scan it will remain as default for the next scan jobs.


    Additionally tou may always check for any 3rd party software such as Vuescan which may provide you a more feature rich solution.




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    For information, i have a different HP scanner, a photosmart premium c309a, but same issue.


    HP support website states that they only provides drivers via OSX Updates since OSX 10.7 (Lion).

    But these OSX update drivers does not provides the "HP scan" utility which is required to use that scanner in Adobe Acrobat Pro.


    On Lion I did install the HP Software that is supposed to work only on 10.6 from HP support site, ignoring their recommandations.

    Got HP Scan working perfectly as with previous OSX versions...


    On Mountain Lion I've just did the same, I also have been able to get HP Scan utility that way. But it does not work anymore, failing at detecting the scanner via bonjour...

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    The "HP Scan" utility has not been compatible with OS X since Snow Leopard 10.6.8.  HP directs users to use "Print & Scan" in System Preferences or Image Capture, as mentioned above.  I myself went with the excellent Vuescan, also as mentioned above.



    Hope this helps

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    Vincent G wrote:


    HP support website states that they only provides drivers via OSX Updates since OSX 10.7 (Lion).

    But these OSX update drivers does not provides the "HP scan" utility which is required to use that scanner in Adobe Acrobat Pro.


    To clarify, any Full Feature Software for Lion  only support Apple ICA and no longer provide Twain-Compliant interface (Which Adobe software only support Twain) therefore it is expected not to work..


    You may use Image Capture or going to System Preferences > Print & Scan and enter the Scanner tab to scan as this is the software solution provided for the OS.


    You may find the steps to scan using any supported solution below: &product=3793676




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    Good news!

    Just upgraded today my HP drivers via OSX Updates / App Store.

    Maybe installing the 10.6 drivers on 10.8 somewhat downgraded HP drivers from Apple updates.


    Anyway now the HP Scan utility does works for me on OSX 10.8

    So do not listen to what HP support website says, even if their drivers are supposedly supported only on 10.7/10.8 versions, I just guess OSX didnt changed a lot since 10.6...


    And seriously, their recommandation of scanning via "Print & scan" utility or Preview utility is just a joke.

    This HP scan utility has more features, and as Shlomil said, provides a TWAIN interface to work with tools like Acrobat.


    Sorry, but a bit angry at HP. So lazy from them to just drop these utilities and let customers like me just try to "hack" to get some basic features. Hopefuly after some quirks, that works... but for how long?

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    Hio Vincent,

    How did you manage to get the 10.6 drivers??  I cannot find them anywhere!

  • Vincent G Level 1 (0 points)

    Found them on HP support page related to my Printer, maybe it depends on your model

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    Please be so kind to help me. HP wanted 30 USD to help me. Why should I pay 30 USD to HP when their new integrated software update does not work?


    Had my HP Photosmart Premium C410b for a bit over a year. Worked like a charm in 10.6 and 10.7. I am a frequent user of the HP scan software. I am fully aware that I can use the system pref - > print&scan -> open scanner, BUT that is like going back in time to windows 3.1 days. Try scanning 20 pdf's a day, especially when 2 or more pages in one pdf, add to the equation that My Acrobat X is no longer accepting the scanner either, I can print, but I can't scan, and then I guess we'll agree that the integrated apple scan solution is nothing sort of a emergency solution. I need my HP software!


    I downloaded the Lion software file

    HP_Lion_Ink_SW_v12.13.14.dmg [1/1, 194.96M]


    But to no use. Only get the message that it is for 10.7 or older.


    HP claim that all I need to do is to go to Apple -> Software update and gte the software for my HP printer. I just get the message "No updates available". Can't find the software if I search for it.


    I don't know how I found it but from apple's pages I found a 460MB file called HewlettPackardPrint2.12.dmg as one forum suggested it to another persons with same problems. When installing I think it said to take 1GB of space. I still don't know what I installed since I see no software anywhere and nothing changed. Maybe a bunch of drivers for all HP printers ever made? Don't have a clue...


    All I want is just that HP scan software so I can go back to my normal workday but it seems so impossible. I really hope someone can help me. Anyone have anything to help me one step closer I sure would appreciate it. I need my HP scan software and Acrobat to work.


    Second option is buying a new printer. That's just sad if it comes to that...

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