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I have no problems accessing my mail using the café's WiFi and my MacBook Pro.  But I needed to access my mail using the café's PC recently.  When I accessed the iCloud website it said I had to have OS5 or Lion to access the site.


So, the question is (and I apologise if this has been asked before) how do I get my .mac/.me mail using a PC in an internet café that doesn't allow the user to download anything that's not already on the machine?  Is it even possible?





MacBook Pro (17-inch 2.4 GHz), Mac OS X (10.7.3), Using external Cinema Display
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    Just use a supported webbrowser (Safari, Chrome, etc.) open the website www.icloud.com and sign in to your account. In this case you would get access to your iCloud Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Find My iPhone, and Documents.


    I hope that helps.

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    Thanks David.


    It does and it doesn't.  The issue I have is that - as in most Internet cafés - all the PCs generally just have IE installed along with the original Windows package and they won't let you install anything else like Safari, Chrome - even Firefox.  Do you know where I can find a list, say, of the supported webbrowsers?.


    The last time I was there I had to hook my MBP to the WiFi, send the e-mail with the required attachment to my google mail account.  Then use the desktop PC to access that message though Google and then print off the attachment.  All this because the desktop PC could not access the Mac Mail (iCloud) - with the attachment.  This sadly makes my .mac account largely redundant when I'm travelling if I ever need to print anything off.  If the café had had a wireless printer hooked up to the WiFi - no problem but it didn't thus leaving me with the PC only option.

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    Here you go:


    PC: Internet Explorer 9 or later (for iCloud.com and Bookmarks) or Chrome 19 or later (for iCloud.com)


    See also:

    iCloud: System requirements

    iCloud: Troubleshooting web browser issues with iCloud.com

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    Thanks David,


    Next time I'm in the café I'll try this out.  I have a horrible feeling that the café I'm thinking of is stuck in the dark ages with IE6 or 7.


    Whilst I certainly love iCloud and all that it'll do on my various Apple Devices I must admit to being a little frustrated at not be able to easily access my webmail whilst travelling abroad.  Perhaps it's me and I need to try a bit harder but when the iCloud welcome page rejects you because your system on the PC is apparently out of date but the Google server works fine then I get a trifle annoyed!


    Thanks for your help.  I'm off again on my travels in about 10 days and I'll try it out.  I'll let you know if it works!