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  • I have talked to the support folks no less than four times they can't help me. I download podcasts to my shuffle from various subscriptions, however when the podcasts from one subscription are done playing no matter what I do the next subscription podcasts will not play. It is not the forward button, and I have tried moving everything to a playlist to no avail. I know others are having this issue but Apple says it is not their problem so I am hoping someone out there has a solution!

iPod shuffle, 4th gen
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    Each podcast ("subscription" as you call it) is treated as a separate playlist on the 4th gen shuffle.  The episodes of a podcast are like songs of a playlist.  When playing songs on a playlist, if you get to the end of playlist, it does NOT go to the next playlist.  If you want to go to another playlist, you need to switch to that playlist.  When you finish playing the episodes of a podcast, it does NOT go to the next podcast; you need to switch to another podcast to play those episodes.  You do that (switch between playlists and podcasts) with a press/hold on the VoiceOver button, as described here



    You can put podcast episodes on a playlist, in the order you want them played.  Then, you CAN go from episodes of one podcast to episodes of another podcast, in any desired order.  If you do this, it makes sense to create a separate playlist on the shuffle that only has your podcast episodes; you can have other playlists on the shuffle with only songs.  When you select the shuffle in the iTunes sidebar and "drop down" its content (indented under the shuffle), those playlists should be listed there.  When using the shuffle, you use the VoiceOver button to switch between playlists.  Once you are in the playlist that has your podcasts, you can move back and forth between episodes using the control buttons.


    The KEY point is that in order for podcast episodes to play from playlists, the shuffle's power switch must be set to play-in-order mode, NOT shuffle mode.  Also, if you are playing from the All Songs list (not a particular playlist), podcast episodes will not play, whether the swtich is set to play-in-order mode or shuffle mode.

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    This does not work - the voice over button thing - and yes the option is on; or the playlist I have tried both. And yes I have restored the unit three times already!

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    After enabling VoiceOver in iTunes for the shuffle, when you press and hold the VoiceOver button, it does not read off your playlists (including the All Songs list) followed by each of your podcasts (subscriptions)?  When you select one of the podcasts, it does not play the episodes of that podcast?

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    You got it - voiceover only finds the first grouping and playlists stops playing after the first grouping just like when I download as a simple podcast

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    Well, as I said in my first reply, a podcast (the "subscription") is treated like a playlist, when you use the VoiceOver button (press and hold).  On a playlist with songs, when you use play-in-order mode, the songs are played in order and then it stops after the last song.  It does not go to the next playlist automatically and start playing songs on that playlist.  So, it's the same with podcasts.  When you select a podcast (instead of a playlist), the episodes of that podcast are played in order, and then it stops.  It does not go to the next podcast.  You need to select the next podcast, using the VoiceOver button, to play episodes from that podcast.


    Since you confirmed it is doing what asked about, it is working "as designed" in this respect.  What we need to figure out is why you can't get podcasts to play when you add them to playlists, which should also work as a way to play podcast episodes in ANY desired order (without having to switch between podcasts).


    If you add items to your shuffle manually, by dragging them to the shuffle in iTunes, try doing the following:


    Select the shuffle in the iTunes sidebar, under DEVICES.  Click the small triangle next to the shuffle so that the shuffle's "content" drops down, indented under the shuffle.  Right-click on the shuffle and select New Playlist.  A new playlist should appear there, indented under the shuffle.  Name it something appropriate, like "New Podcasts" (or whatever you want).  This playlist will be only for your podcasts (no songs).  You can create other playlists there for songs, if desired.


    Drag the podcast epidsodes you want to hear to the shuffle in iTunes.  Instead of dragging them to the "overall" shuffle, drag them to the playlist you just created.  When you are done dragging podcasts to the shuffle, select that "podcast" playlist (under the shuffle).  Over to the right, you will see the list of podcast episodes on that playlist.  You should be able to drag the items around on the list, to change the playlist order; that is the order the podcast episodes will play on the shuffle.


    When using the shuffle, set the power switch to play-in-order mode (not shuffle mode).  Use the VoiceOver button (press and hold) to swtich to that playlist with your podcasts.  It should play your podcast episodes in playlist order.


    NOTE:  If you are using automatic syncing to load content on your shuffle (you do not drag items to the shuffle in iTunes), please post back.

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    I am sorry I was not clear -the voiceover does not allow me to move to the next podcast in a subscription so technically it is not working - or in my opinion it is not working.


    I have tried to do as instructed above however I am not able to create a new playlist under my device that option is not available - if I right click or just try the drop down file menu where you normally create them from. The only way for me to creat a playlist is in the playlist folder.

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    Ok I finally created a play list under devices by creating one under playlists then exporting to my desktop and then importing to the device - it still is not playing the two seperate podcasts even if I try the voiceover -it says there are 2 podcasts on the device but it will only play the first it will not move to the second.

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    So, the problem seems to now be narrowed down to not being able to select a particular playlist or podcast, when VoiceOver reads off the list.


    Referencing the link I provided previously (about VoiceOver on the 4th gen shuffle)...



    What you should be doing to get VoiceOver to read the list of playlists (and podcasts) is described in the section titled Changing playlists


    How to select a particular playlist (or podcast) is described in the next second, To choose an item from the playlist menu.  Use the Next and Previous buttons to move quickly through the list, as VoiceOver is reading the list.  Press the Play/Pause button to select (when you hear the name of the playlist or podcast you want).  Are you doing that?

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    I have tried to do as instructed above however I am not able to create a new playlist under my device that option is not available - if I right click or just try the drop down file menu where you normally create them from. The only way for me to creat a playlist is in the playlist folder.


    That probably means you are using automatic syncing.  On the shuffle's Summary tab in iTunes, find the checkbox for Manually manage music.  If it is NOT checked, you are using automatic syncing.  My instructions in the previous reply was for Manually manage music.  But that's fine; I usually use automatic syncing myself, because I find it more convenient.


    To put playlists on the shuffle using automatic syncing, you can try the following:


    First, create a "regular" playlist in your iTunes library.  This will be for podcasts, so name it something appropriate like "Podcasts on iPod" (or whatever you want).  Drag podcast episodes to this playlist from your main iTunes library.  Select the playlist in the sidebar, and over to the right, on the list of items, drag the podcast episodes around to set the playlist order.


    Select the shuffle in the iTunes sidebar, under DEVICES.  Over to the right, go to the Podcasts tab.  Set it to Sync podcasts.  Below that, ONLY set it to sync your playlist with podcasts.  Where is says Include Episodes from Playlists, check only the one playlist you just created with the podcasts you want on the shuffle.


    When you Apply the change, that playlist and the podcast episodes on it should load on the shuffle.  When using the shuffle, the playlist should be accessible using VoiceOver.  Going forward, you can update your "Podcasts on iPod" playlist whenever you want, even if the shuffle is not connected.  Then next time you connect your shuffle (or when you click the Sync button), your changes will be synced automatically.


    NOTE:  I wrote the above description using my iPod nano.  For a 4th gen shuffle, I believe the setup of podcast syncing is the same.

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    I haven't had a chance to try this - I will let you know as soon as I do.

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    Ok I finally had a few minutes to restore again for the fifth time. Now I can move forward with the voiceover and + button thanks!

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    I tried to follow your directions, and Manually Manage Music is ON, but I cannot since there is no option for me to "set it to sync your playlist with podcasts..."  and there is no "Include Episodes from Playlists option".


    Please see attached screen shot.  Screen Shot 2012-10-08 at 3.05.04 PM.png


    I have also ensured that shuffle is OFF on my iPod, iTunes Podcast list and Podcast play list.  There is absolutely no change, only one podcast is played, which like the OP said, is really annoying during my 5 mile run because I have to fumble around with the button every few minutes, and then click through all of the Podcasts I have already listened to to find a new one.  I can't even just go to the next.


    Any other suggestions other than turning shuffle off?  Because it did not work.  Thanks!


    P.S., can someone tell me how to reformat my podcasts as music so I can do the workaround until I figure out this problem?


    Much appreciated!



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    In the screen shot, it looks like there is more of the iTunes screen BELOW the portion that is shown (below the list of Podcasts and Episodes).  If you scroll down, I think the Include Episodes from Playlists portion will be seen...


    I put additional information in a reply to your post in the other topic.

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    D'OH!  You are right, I did not know there was a  scroll down, sorry, this is a new pod.  So I did as suggested, and no dice. 


    What is happening as my separate playlist created on my ipod is being copied (drag and drop exactly onto the playlist and NOT the Podcast folder), the identical podcasts are being copied in the Podcast folder in addition to my playlist.  When playing (NOT on shuffle), it only plays from the Podcast folder and NOT my playlist.    So it only plays one at a time, and I checked with the voice over button and there is no playlist there.  Halp!

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