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Whilst away on holiday recenlty, a relative has installed MacKeeper on his 2009 iMac (he's using Lion).  He thought it would be good to use before upgrading to Mountain Lion. He has asked me to look at the machine as it's now running slow.


Thankfully, he did the wise thing and to uninstall it when I told him to using AppZapper.  However, after doing this, MacKeeper's own unistaller prompt screen appeared and he told me he followed it's on-screen instructions to uninstall again.  I've never used the software on my Mac Pro as have read so many complaints of the last few years and was horrified when he told me he had.


If AppZapper has deleted MK's files (total of 24MB), is it safe to use the Mac without any rist of further problems.  Or, would it be a good idea to tell him to security wipe his hard drive after downloading Mountain Lion and making a DVD to run from startup.


Thanks in advance.



Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)