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we are testing OS X Server (10.8.1) and have found a strange error while using TextEdit.

Configuration: Mac mini (mid 2010) with OS X Server 10.8.1 (clean install), providing DNS, OD Master, AFP

iMac (2010 - i3) with OS X Client 10.8.1 (clean install)

I'm logging in as a network user with my home folder on the server (network home using AFP). Everything seems fine with a strange exception. TextEdit is unable to save anything. When I try to invoke the save dialog with a new file (either by Cmd-S, or by closing the window), nothing happens, but TextEdit hangs for a while and Console reports:

29.8.2012 15:15:03,535 TextEdit[970]: RVS:__54-[NSRemoteSavePanel _runOrderingOperationWithContext:]_block_invoke_0315 : Timeout occured while waiting for the window

Sometimes (but I'm not able replicate this all the time) an element from the save dialog (e. g. a checkbox) appears in the bottom left corner of the screen (without the enclosing dialog window and not working anyway).

The same error appears in Pixelmator. This may be a problem with Versions, but other apps, which are using Versions (e. g. Preview, Pages) do work correctly.

Does anyone know what the matter is?



Michal Kukuča

OS X Server, OS X Server
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    After some further analysis the following bug report was sent to Apple via Feedback site.


    iCloud's Documents & Data create a number of issues for network users.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Create a clean installation of OS X Server (10.8.1) with properly setup DNS, OD Master, Network users and AFP. Network users have their home folder on server (In my configuration that network home is placed on the second hard drive of a Mac mini, i. e. not on the startup drive).

    2. Create a clean installation of OS X (10.8.1), bind it to the server.

    3. On the client machine: log in to a new network user.

    4. Sign in to iCloud using an AppleID, within the System Preferences (make sure Documents & Data are enabled — they should be by default).

    5. Launch TextEdit.app


    Expected functionality: TextEdit should display a window enabling the user to use iCloud, or open an existing file from the file system, or create a new one.


    What happens: Nothing. Console reports:

    TextEdit[2392]: RVS:__54-[NSRemoteSavePanel _runOrderingOperationWithContext:]_block_invoke_0315 : Timeout occured while waiting for the window


    Related issues:

    TextEdit is unable to save files. Invoking the save dialog doesn't do anything (Console reports the same error as above), closing the window either. TextEdit may have problems exitting properly and may need to be killed.

    Pages shows crippled open file window, which doesn't allow the user to select files from iCloud.

    Pixelmator is unable to save files — in a similar fashion to TextEdit.


    Workaround: Disable Documents & Data in iCloud preference pane. All applications work as expected (but without the required functionality).