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Hi all I´m new to this community and just a question about garage band and brass 2.5 . After a hard disk crash I can´t play brass as an vst with GB . Is there a way to update the vst so that GB can show it up in the vst list ?    thanks in advance

GarageBand (Mac) '11, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 20" Imac dual core 2008 model 2gb
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         This is frustrating . If this is the community we have just for help . Thank your for ignoring me

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    Maybe the reason is that nobody here has worked with these instruments. I can only tell you that GB doesn't work with VST plugins at all.

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    Thanks for your reply . I paid your pardon I'm from Canary Islands Spain so English is not my best language . The problem is Brass software like a AU ; how can I reinstall that to make garage band recognize it as an plug-in.

    Thanks for your help . Please let me know if you need more info about soft & hardware config .



                                                       Best regards

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    Hi again :


         Still waiting for help Just for making appear the Brass 2 au on the audio unit list in garageband, I think the problem comes from a file in the cache audio folder . But I´m not sure which filename Any help ?

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    I'd like a simpler way to do things myself. I've fooled around with several different toys that don't seem to work with GB.


    I have an Aturia "Spark " drum machine . GB doesn't seem to like it. LOL ... the Spark also doesn't have "audio outs " so I can't even play from the Spark and record it on GB.


    I have come up with a work around. I have 2 iMac's. One just for music .. another that's multipourpesed . So I play the Spark on the 2nd iMac and record the audio out of that one to the tune in GB on the 1st iMac.


    The best I've come up with.