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I can delete photos on my iPad using the photos app, but not the photos that have been edited in iPhoto. The edited version still remains in iPhoto. How can you delete an iPhoto edited photo? Even though the photo has been thrown away via the photos app, and no longer appears, it is still on the iPad and visible in iPhoto.


There doesn't appear to be a way to delete photos from within iPhoto, if they have been edited in iPhoto. Do they stay on the iPad permanently, taking up memory, with no way to delete them?

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    This is me again.

    Following advice on another post, I was able to get a few photos from the edited album into the photo box, and delete them there. But I can't figure out how to get the others in the edited album into the photo box. Some have captions, which I have deleted.

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    I've been trying to figure this out for days. Finally what i did was upload my edited album to my imac (about 750 pics), and then i just deleted the iphoto app and then reinstalled it.

    Everything was deleted out and starting fresh. I'm hoping there will be something easier in the future. THe only thing I can think of is you need to export your edited to the camera roll in order to delete.

    Anyways, will follow the post if someone has any ideas.

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    I may have to do the same thing. Thankfully I'm down to 51 edited photos to delete. What's weird is that for some of the photos, deleting the caption was enough to have them disappear from the edited album, and reappear in the photo box, where they could be deleted. For others, reverting to the original gave the same result. But for some of the remaining ones, deleting the caption doesnt have any effect, and the revert to original option is greyed out.

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    The instructions say:


    If you delete a photo from the Photos app on your device, the photo is deleted in iPhoto (unless the photo has been edited, captioned, tagged as a favorite, or used in a journal)


    Note the parenthetical phrase.  This implies that you cannot delete a photo that is edited, captioned, etc.  Therefore, logically, in order to delete a photo you must first remove any edis, captions, etc.  Get it?

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    Thank you, Tgara. Apple would be much more helpful and fewer people would wonder how to deleted edited photos if their iPhoto app Help stated simply and directly as you finally did, that "in order to delete a photo you must first remove any edits, captions, etc."  No need to make a logic game out of it.


    I also had been resorting to deleting and reinstalling iPhoto to clear out its bloated memory. This is what I regard as a fundamental design fault or user hostile feature of nearly all of my iPad apps -- the inability to clear memory or, if indeed it is possible to do so, the refusal to say directly or or make it obvious how to clear memory. My iPad has only 16 GB of memory (actually only 13.3 GB before iOS 6), which is quite enough for over 100 apps and many photos and paintings, provided I have the choices available to manage my use of memory. Several browsers and art apps that I use are rigged to remember so much that I must regularly delete and reload them. (Of course, I use several good apps to easily transfer pictures and other files via our wi-fi to my MacBook.)

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    Sorry about the typo(s?) in my previous reply, but it was my first comment in an Apple Support Community and in my unfamilarity with this system I have not yet figured out how to correct a comment (in flickr it's quick & easy).

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    if you click on the photo in the "edited" area and then hit the gear wheel and hit "revert" it gets sent back and removed from edited as it no longer is an edited photo

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    To delete edited photos from iPhoto you need to use the iPhoto menu to Revert to Original. Ten the edited version will disappear. Use the Photo app to delete photos taken with the iPad or copied from websites or received in emails. Use the sync process to remove albums that were obtained during a previous sync.

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    Same problem here. Managed to solve this on the iPad by performing the next steps from within the Edited Album:

    1) Revert to Original (bottom right menu)

    2) Go to the Add Caption area (top of screen), type a name, click done

    3) Go to Add Caption area again and click the X at the right and then click done

    I my case the photo and the Edited Album were gone. I had typed a caption once and had already deleted it, so although no caption was there anymore this did the trick.