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I've been using iBooks on my iPad2 for a long time but I now have a problem: ALL THE FUNCTIONS SLOW DOW TO A CRAWL, INCLUDING TURNING PAGES. This has been happening to one book and, it seems, has to do with a lot of highlighting and notes that I have taken on the book. I've junmped through all the hoops:



1. reinstall iBooks and sync the books

2. turned off all other apps

3. removed a lot of stuff from my iPad2 to free memory (although, it appears there was plenty of RAM0


None of this solved the problem. What causes it, it seems, is iBooks limited ability to accept notes and highlights. If you have a few, everything works fine, but if you do a lot of highlightng and annotating - whihc is what I do when I use it for research - the program slows down to the point of being unusable.


I'VE FIGURED THIS OUT BY SIMPLY SWITCHING TO ANOTHER BOOK -- EVERYTHING WORKED FINE THERE.  So, the problem is the iBooks buffer for annotations and highlights.


I like using iBooks for research note taking and for preparing materials for class. I hope iBooks team will increase the highlight and annotation buffer in their next iteration.

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.2, Message disappears when icon is tou
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    Yep, I have the same issue.  Quite frustrating.  Also the longer the "book", the more likely you are to experience the problem (because you'll be doing more annotating).   I purchased a 4 book bundle and by the fourth book things had slowed down considerably.   Apple is a great proponent of using its tools for education.  It would be great if they could address the issue!

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    Same problem here. Replicated the same solution by switching to a book with no highlights or notes. Running iPhone 4S with iOS6. It's a huge problem and until Apple resolves this I will have to buy Kindle books because I've never experienced this issue with Kindle books. It's too bad because I prefer iBooks.

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    I'm experiencing the same problem with my iPhone 4S. I've been using iBooks with no issues until recently when I annotated a 600 page book. The more annotating I did the slower the response for loading, page-turning, highlighting, bookmarking, ... anything. Now that I'm going back to review, turning a page takes around 6 seconds, accessing notes even more, and sometimes the app crashes. This is more than frustrating. This has turned a two hour task of reveiwing and organizing my notes into a three day project. I've emailed the notes to myself, but their locations in the book don't transfer. So, for now, iBooks is not viable as a tool for annotating for me. Otherwise, the app works great. I would love for Apple to make annotating truly functional.


    I'm not experiencing this issue with books in my iBooks Library that contain few or no annotations.

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    Same deal exactly for me. Plus, I'm a teacher whose school is considering adopting iPads 1:1 for hundreds of students. iBooks is much better than the Kindle app for annotating, but this problem makes it unusable. I hope Apple addresses this, and I also hope they sit down with a room full of teachers and add features to their annotation tools to really maximize their usefulness. I would absolutely buy a more expensive iBook over a Kindle version in order to have the better annotation tools.  Now, though, iBooks are nearly useless.

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    I totally agree and that's why I've reverted to using Kindle for textbooks and nonfiction. The Kindle iOS isn't as nice as iBooks but there's Kindle for Mac and that makes it really easy to search and browse annotations quickly.

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    Yes, the Kindle app does a respectable job without the crazy lag time of iBooks.  For me, though, I really like the depth of iBooks' tools, like highlighting / underlining with different colors, the way highlights and notes are fully displayed when you list them, and the ability to email / print your notes. These are significant improvements over Kindle's features and are quite useful for the high school students I teach (and me!). Fingers crossed that Apple gets on this issue soon.

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    I have the same problem, though I had never thought of the correlation between highlights and speed. I will try to repliate it. I do indeed highlight like a maniac. I'm also not that keen on Kindle books, but I'm getting to the point where that will be my only option. Has anyone noticed if enabling scrolling makes it any slower? I have recently done this, and I wondered if the scrolling animation uses more RAM than the page turning. Someone here used the word, 'unusable', and I'm afraid that really is how it's beginning to feel. What a pity, it was always one of my favourite Apple apps.

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    I'm having the same page turning lag problem too but I don't highlight or do anything except read the book.  It is incredibly frustrating.  I have plenty of RAM left on the ipad, and this problem occurs whether wifi is on or off.  Ditto I don't get the problem using the kindle app.

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    FWIW, I'm having the same problem on my iPad Mini, under iOS 7.0.4. I'm highlighting a fair amount of text in a not-so-large book, and the result is loooong delays I page turning, selection, and further highlighting.



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    Well it's not highlighting problem or anything mentioned on this page. I have Ipad 4 and i do not use highlighting - just readin small books and saw same problem recently. I still have ios 6 and i think that ibook app is getting older with every patch. It's normal behavior of apple systems, seen this from time of first apple device i had - iphone 3g.


    Remember there is new king of speed on market - iPad Air. Mine ipad 4 have about 76Gflops - bilions of floating operations per second from graphics chip. iPad 1, 2, 3 and 4 had somehow managed VERY COMPLICATED OPERATION of page flipping in their time. Of course untill next iPad came...


    So your ipad just got old nothing more. Thank god apple patch didnt get your iPad grow a long white beard or something...

    Dont thak me just find previous version of iBooks, use something like ezPDF which is way better for annotations or go buy new iPad which is sooooo faaaasssstt... Until next december of course..

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    This problem has disappeared. I guess it's the software: I stopped having this problem on my iPad 2 where I had it originally. I am now on iPad Air, and I have a lot of annotations, highlighting - and no complaints. It's really easy to send the annotations to myself and have the available in hard copy.



         It would be great if iBooks would identify the annotation by its place in the book, e.g. part 1, chapter 3, in accordance with the TOC. It would be very helpful to have it automatically. Otherwise, I ahve to put this info manually every time I make the annotation.

    Hope you can implement it in the next upgrade.


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    try ezPDF, worth a try for incredible annotations