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I am in need of help! I have 3 apple devices. I know I am addicted! I have ipone 4 and ipad and my son has the ipod touch. I love every thing about apple except for Icloud and it makes me mad!l lol

Here is my problem, I have a book :

(The 2012 unofficial guide to Disney world for kids) which ordinarily is not a problem but I have not told the kids we are going to Disney world! (in 2 months!)

Any ways my son comes home yesterday from school and is wanting to download a book. So I down load the app for kindle which I have on both my phone and ipad. With the Disney guide Then I go to amazon and get the book. When I click to buy the book I choose the send to IPOD option thinking that it will go only to the IPOD and not to my other 2.

Well it did go to just my sons ipod BUT when I open the kindle app there at the bottom is stupid icloud button and when I do click it there is the guide that can be downloaded and I know my noisy son will see it and that will blow the big surprise!

So my question is.... is there a way I delete this book from just my sons ipod and keep it on my to devices!

Thanks for any input!


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