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I searched the community for this answer. I asked my friends for assistance. No one understands how the following works:


I create word docs, text docs, Excel, etcetera (all compatible with iCloud) on my Mac OS X 10.8.1. I have iCloud set up on 3 Macs, 1 iPad3 and 1 iPhone4. How in the world do you get the documents, pictures, etcetera from the iCloud. On my iPhone, I can see some documents but I can't download or view the contents, I only see a few txt docs (.rtf) and not the other docs. The automatic setting on the Mac computers are set to save onto iCloud but I can't do anything with them once they are in the cloud. Also, the Notification center does not sync with the other devices/macs when I complete/check-off and dismiss/cancel. It gets to the point where my computers' notification center Freezes and I have to force-quit with activity monitor. What is the Dealeo?


What do I do ?


I've followed EVERY SINGLE STEP on the instructions and help-files.


I don't require the use of "Keynote", "Pages" nor "Numbers", iWork, as I purchased this in 2009 (the 2008 product) and they did no use for professional work.


My files are in the cloud and I can't get them, edit them, share them, frustrating.


Everything else SEEMS easy, except iCloud with iDevices / Macs.


I appreciate your help in advance. I'd also love to know the steps to take for the people I moved to iCloud that are now hounding me because they can't get it to work on a Windows Environment when connecting their iPads and iPhones. grrr.


Oh, P.S. I have the maximum amount of storage purchased for my iCloud. I'm only using 5 docs, so to say the least, my iCloud (moved from MobileMe) is not being used so I'm basically paying for nothing.


Purchased iCloud ! Max Storage and can't use it.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1), non-retina
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