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Ok, I have a really odd-ball question here.


I would like to get more into the world of OS X and since I cant virtualize on Windows 7, getting a Mac Mini is my next best option but here is what I would like to do with it.


I have my Windows 7 PC with 2 monitors.


What I would like to do is set up a Mac Mini so that it borrows one of the monitors when I am not using the Windows 7.  Then, when I am done with the Mac, the monitor that the mac borrowed goes back to Windows.  Also, when I want to use the Mac Mini, I want to be able to use the same wireless keyboard and mouse that I use with my Windows 7.


Can this be done with a KVM Switch of some kind or am I aiming too high?

iPhone 4, Windows 7
  • John Lockwood Level 6 Level 6

    Yes a KVM will do the job. Another option is to use software to remote control the other computer. A Mac can control a PC via the standard Microsoft Remote Desktop Client software or you can install VNC server software on the PC, both these options would be free. A PC can control a Mac if you turn on and enable VNC sharing on the Mac.


    The type of KVM you get will depend on your monitor but if possible get a DVI one (assuming your monitor support DVI) as VGA is slightly problematic on the new Mac mini. The KVM should also use USB rather than PS2 connections for the keyboard and mouse