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I have a ton of documents and databases in AppleWorks v 6.0 that I can no longer open on my MacBook Pro.  Is there any way to recover this info?  Some documents can be opened and resaved with textedit, but not my database with all important addresses.

  • Shootist007 Level 6 (16,660 points)

    Try TextWrangler.


    Oh and not sure about the database files. Maybe open them on your old Mac that stilll has AW and save them in some other format.

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    There is nothing other than AppleWorks that can open AppleWorks or ClarisWorks databases. You will have to have access to a Mac with Snow Leopard or earlier & AppleWorks 6, preferably 6.2.4 or 6.2.9, to open those databases. You will then have to decide whether to export as plain text which will give a tab-delimited file or copy & paste into an AppleWorks spreadsheet. You will lose any calculations & summaries.


    I moved all of my newer databases to Numbers by first opening them in list view in AppleWorks, selecting all & copying then pasting into an AppleWorks spreadsheet & saving that. Numbers then opened them without a problem. This also preserved any text formatting.



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    I tried Peggy's List > Select All > Copy > Paste into an AW spreadsheet suggestion.


    In my case, pasting into the spreadsheet lost all text formatting (mostly text set to bold). The results of formulas were pasted, and checkboxes were pasted as "on" or "off". The DB did not contain any pop-up menus or radio buttons, but I expect they would transfer as a number showing the list position of the chosen item.


    Pasting the copied List view data into a Numbers table gave a result similar to that with AppleWorks. I selected B2 as the target cell (for top left cell of the pasted data) to avoid any effects of posting into a header row or column. Bold and regular text formatting looked the same as it had in AW's List view.


    Based on that, I'd slip the 'paste into an AppleWorks Spreadsheet step, and paste directly into a Numbers Table.