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I just got a new MacBook Air.  I powered it on for the first time.  I had hooked up the Time Machine backup disk from my MacBook Pro running Lion.  I told it to transfer files from Time Machine.  It calculated the sizes.  I unselected some of the users.  It listed the usual stuff, Users, Applications, Systems settings.  Then I told it to proceed.


When the files were transferred and I rebooted the MacBook Air, it is running Lion!  What happened to Mountain Lion?  This wasn't a restore from Time Machine, it was simply to transfer files.  I've been through this before with other Macs I've run.


Are you telling me that this brand new Air from the local Apple Store came running Lion? I doubt that.


What happened?


Then, I couldn't login to Communities here using my Apple ID but had to create a new one.  I've seen other postings about that problem.  What's with Apple?  This is terribly frustrating.  I dumped my MacBook Pro because I was so frustrated with Lion.  After a few months, I decided to return to Apple  Now this...



MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)