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I'm having a problem with iPhoto automatically importing images that I have already deleted from my Photo Stream. I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem/knows a solution?


What's happening is:


I take photos on my iPhone and they upload to Photo Stream fine, showing on all my iDevices. I delete a Photo Stream image, whether on my iPad or iPhone and the image disappears from all my devices as expected.


If I open iPhoto the Photo Stream is in sync with all my other devices (deleted photos not there).


However as I have the automatic import setting switched on in the iPhoto preferences, when my photos are imported to an event all of the deleted photos are included.



The only work around I have come across is to disable the automatic import option in iPhoto and manually import my Photo Stream to iPhoto by going to the Photo Stream menu on the left, choosing 'select all', right-clicking on one of the images and choosing import. It still adds them to a designated event such as "August 2012 Photo Stream" in the same way the automatic import does but without the deleted images.


iOS, OS X and iPhoto are all latest versions.


The only non-standard configurations in all of this is that I share my iPhoto library with my wife's user account on the same computer via Apple's method detailed here http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1198. However everything else in iPhoto runs as normal so I presume this is not causing a conflict.


Also I import images from DSLR directly to the iPad using the camera connection kit, but the problem is not limited to those photos.


I've tried the usual, resetting Photo Stream on all my devices and it just happens again. I guess I could just leave all photos in my Photo Stream and only delete them once they are imported into iPhoto but I'm kind of obsessed with being organised as I take a lot of photos.


If anyone else has a solution to this, other than the 'switch off automatic import' workaround I'm already employing, I'd love to know.