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  • Narmocady Level 1 Level 1

    Uhh, its been like 14 months now and so called "corrosion" has not set in.

  • Csound1 Level 8 Level 8

    So, you got lucky, enjoy it.

  • PlotinusVeritas Level 6 Level 6

    without firsthand examination on both sides of the logic board, IO board, and trackpad card, and myriad connectors, you dont know that actually.



    Ive bought many used macbook pros to resell, 10 at a time in govt. auctions,.......they contained corrosion that were working ok.


    at WHAT point they WOULD fail is pure speculation.



    Your false premise is that corrosion = immediate failure / fault.  That is simply not the case



    the correct position is that corrosion is high premise and likelihood for 'immanent failure' of some variety.

  • zgoods Level 1 Level 1

    Just want to add to the original post here. I spilled a full glass of water directly onto my Macbook Air keyboard, it shut off imeadiatly. I placed the keyboard upside down on rice overnight and tried turning it on in the morning, nothing happend. The next day I tried plugging it in and still nothing. Today I took it completly apart besides the display and keyboard, let it sit out for about 3 hours and put it back together.    It is not working and appear to be completly fine! I could not be happier I thought my 6 month old $1000 logic board (cause thats really what we're paying for here) was ruined but nope! So there is hope!

  • Csound1 Level 8 Level 8

    While the hope is in play make sure to keep regular backups of your Mac.

  • Michael Daitzman Level 1 Level 1

    What is really annoying is that other vendors have fixed this by either including damage in their warranties (DELL) or designing a draining keyboard (lenovo.)


    Check this out:


    Seems likey Lenovo in particular is thinking different. . . . .

  • Csound1 Level 8 Level 8

    It's called insurance, there's nothing stopping you from buying some for your Mac


    Or buy a Lenovo.

  • EliRon Level 1 Level 1

    For anyone who has had a spill or is asking questions should one happen:
    I spilled beer on my MacBook Air keyboard a few days ago. I immediately turned it off and left it upside down for maybe 24 hours without trying to turn it back on. I did towel/wipe it dry but that is all. After about 24 hours I tried to turn it back on and after pressing the on button many times it would occasionally show the low battery image on the screen. The orange light showing low battery lit up when I plugged my computer in but it wouldn't turn on. A couple days later-about 6 hours ago-I took a blow drier to the keyboard for less than a minute I'd say. I just tried to turn my computer on and after a few attempts it worked. Everything is great except my keys are a bit sticky and my battery says it isn't charging. However, it does stay on as long as I keep it plugged in. Best of luck to everyone.

    I do recommend taking the computer to a genius bar and getting insurance that includes accidental damage if that's an option for you. But I also had to add a positive spill story to the discussion.

  • 3achour Level 1 Level 1

    hey guys, it seems like you are al saying pretty scary stuff over here. I spilled water on the keyboard twice, the first time it took 3 days to come back to normal, and today, it is already working well after less than 24 hours. My advice is just to clean it up as much as you can turn it upside down, if you can, use a hair dryer. After that the touch pad is still not working very well but give it a day or two and it will be fine.

  • testabc123 Level 1 Level 1

    Lot's of people in here saying that once water touches it it's toast. Although I don't recommend testing that theory, my SO on 3 occasions has spilled both water and Snapple directly into the MBP keyboard without disastrous results.


    Each time the computer operated properly long enough to shut it down. After which we just drained the water out of the side ports, let it dry for about 20 hours (face down), and the machine came back on just fine. There is definitely some sort of short circuit with the video output ports (even that works but with a noticeable "click" in the video every few seconds), but other than that no noticeable defect.


    I have to say, this is a fairly resilient machine given all the abuse. Or perhaps she's just lucky. I think timing is probably everything.

  • tivoboy Level 1 Level 1

    Anyone know what apple charges to replace just the keyboard on the MBA 13"? nephew spilled coffee on it, keyboard doesn't work but after having it upside down in a dry back for nearly a week, system boots fine - or appears to.

  • EarlKris Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Guys,


    I just want to write this testimonial about what happened to my MacBook Pro 3 days ago. While I was eating dinner at the table while surfing the net, I accidentally knocked my tall glass with water straight to my laptop. Water was spilled on the side where the charger is. I don't really know the extent of spillage but all I know is that there was really water on that side of the keyboard. I immediately unplugged the charger because I was also charging that time and wiped the keys with wash cloth. The laptop was initially ok and was still on but after several seconds the screen went black. I panicked and I immediately turned it off and turned my laptop upside down in the hopes of draining the remaining water that spilled. I then searched for forums from my phone on what to do in cases like this and came upon this forum. Upon reading the posts, I thought I did a good job by turning it off immediately. But here's the thing. When I was about to flip it over to wipe the keys again, I accidentally pressed on the power button. I saw the apple logo at the back of the screen lit up and heard the usual sound when you turn on the mac. I was happy but a second later, I saw the apple logo flicker and when I checked the screen, it was blank. There was nothing on the screen. I was really disheartened and tried to turn it on a couple of times. But all I get is the sound when you turn on the laptop but the screen is totally blank. My heart started racing and I didn't know what to do. My wife and I discussed things and decided to immerse the laptop in rice, just as what we have read in the forums. We kept it there for approximately 3 days. We then prayed and prayed and prayed. I was really broken hearted. After all, it was not an easy peasy purchase. We haven't even finished paying for the laptop because we enrolled it for 6 months in installment payments. I was already searching the net for Apple Service shops near us just to get ready if that dreadful thing happens. But I just surrendered everything to God for I know He is the God of everything. I was tempted to try to open it several times but fear always kicked in. After 3 days, we decided to test the laptop. I came from night duty so I was sleeping when my wife tried to turn it on. She prayed fervently first. When she pressed the power button, VOILA my laptop sprung back to life She tested all the keys, it was all working. She tried to charge it, it was charging. She woke me up and blurted out the good news. I was really happy Truly, He is the God of everything! May this testimonial give hope and inspiration to all of you who are in the same situation as I was, 3 days back. To God be all the glory!

  • Victoria6655321 Level 1 Level 1

    My cat spilled beer on my keyboard last night. Directly onto the keyboard. It spilled onto the keyboard and I immediately picked up the bottle back to standing position and took my computer and just flipped it upside down so that all of the beer spilt onto the floor. I then did a hard shutdown as it was still on and running, wiped it down with a towel while holding it upside down still and held it in front of the fan for a minute. I then didn't know what else to do, so I put it upright into a paper bag and just layed rice all over the keyboard in hopes that it would absorb a little bit throughout the day. I haven't turned it on yet, but I'm kind of freaking out and didn't realize you had to take out the battery. I'm hoping to go home and take out the batter later, but it's already been sitting upright for 15 hours. I don't know what else to do but wait and try not to cry, as I just bought that Macbook Pro a year and a half ago. Please help.

  • Csound1 Level 8 Level 8

    It is unlikely that your Mac will survive, but leave it off for several more days (not hours) then try to switch it on.


    Don't allow your cat to drink beer.

  • OGELTHORPE Level 8 Level 8

    If I were to baptize one of my MBP's, I first would turn it off before it did so on it's own.  (Otherwise one is on a fools errand)


    Take out the battery.


    Then deluge it with non-residue electrical cleaner so that the invasive liquid is immediately washed away with its contaminants. 


    Then I would let it dry.  (If you do not get rid of the contaminants, they will harden and adhere in the nooks and crannies of the MBP innards.)


    While it is drying, execute a chicken sacrifice.


    If I am lazy, reinstall the battery and turn it on.


    If I am ambitious, take it apart, clean the parts with the non-residue electrical cleaner and a soft tooth brush.


    Reassemble and turn it on.




    Sophisticated cats drink wine, not beer.

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