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Where can i download the Snow Leopard (10F2108 Build) for my MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010) and the original CD 10.6.3 (gray) fails to install as it has been scratched by the Macbook cd drive and the new SL 10.6.3 (white) CD fails to boot.


The current HDD keeps coming up "invalid volume file count" and needs to be replaced.


I have done repeated repairs with the Disk Utility when booting from the original CD.


Please help

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3), let me know if you need more info
  • Shootist007 Level 6 Level 6

    you can order either new Replacement DVD discs for your system or the SL White DVD from Apple but for either you have to call Apple. None are available for Download.

  • wjosten Level 10 Level 10

    There is no download for Snow Leopard. If your disk won't work, you'll have to call AppleCare & order replacements. There are two disks, an Install Disk & an Applications Disk. They will charge you a small fee to send out replacements.

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    Mac OS X

    You can't download Snow Leopard but you can get a machine-specific replacement disc from Apple by calling 1-800-MYAPPLE. I forget what the cost is but it's not much. But it sounds as if you need to get your optical drive replaced first - if it's the culprit in scratching your CD/DVDs.



  • Loganx5x5 Level 1 Level 1

    Unfortionalty the Apple support in South Africa "CORE" that the iStore insist I call just keeps telling me that they cannot suply the original install disk and that I should order another Snow Loapard install CD to do the installation


    Can anyone offer an alternative?

  • Shootist007 Level 6 Level 6

    Ok you have the original DVDs and a Snow Leopard 10.6.3 DVD. So it seems your internal (Not So) Superdrive is the problem. Then buy a External DVD drive that connects to a USB port to do the install. Any brand will work, It does not have to an Apple branded drive.


    One of these Tray load external DVD drives may even read the original system disc even if it does have a slight scratch on it.


    IMHO the included Superdrive that Apple uses is one of the worst drives I have ever used. In fact on my late 2011 15" MBP I have stopped using it for any critical work that requires the use of reading or writing CD or DVD discs and only use it sometimes to rip music CDs.

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    very true Shootist007 the built in cd drives eats disks so I alwayd try and use USB instead where possible.


    I have tried with an external usb cd rom. The install still gets half way with the original install disk (gray disk) and fails.


    If I try to boot from the new Snow Leopard (white CD) I still get the Gray screen of death.