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I paid $150 to get a refurb iPhone 4 from Apple. I notice that this phone has over 9 hours of talk time loggewd on it (not from me). I was told the phones are completely rebuilt, and even though it is not a "brand new phone" that no one has ever used the actual assembled phone that I would be receiving. If that information is accurate, why is ther over 9 hours of use on the phone? Testing? I seriously doubt that 9 hours of burn in connected to a network was done to test this phone.



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    Refurb phones get new cases, but internal parts may be reused. Sounds like your logic board came from a phone & was found to be OK, thus was reused in the refurb unit you got.

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    When you set up the new/refurb phone, did you set up using data from a previous iPhone? If so, it will inherit the usage statistics.

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    I restored from an itunes backup, but my old phone had way more than 9 hours of usage on it. It was a year and a half old. This is the Life Time counter I am referring to. All the other counters can be reset to zero. The Life Time one can't - by the end user anyway (without hacking the phone).