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I've been shooting photos in a 16:9 aspect ratio but when I import the Raw images into Aperture they show up as 3:2. How do i fix this so I can see my whole photo?

Im using a Sony A65 and I can see them as 16:9 as im shooting. but for some reason Aperture auto crops them. Maybe there is a preference im missing?

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Could you confirm that Aperture is cropping your photos?  More likely the software in your camera crops the 16:9 image from the larger 3:2 image captured, and shows you this as a JPG.  The RAW file is still 3:2 -- which is what Aperture shows you.  (Some programs might crop the RAW; apparently Aperture does not.)  To get the 16:9 framing shown in the JPG you'll have to crop the RAW yourself (or record and import JPG).  You'll have to Lift & Stamp this if you want to do it as a batch operation.  Iirc, you cannot create an Adjustment Preset containing the Crop adjustment.


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    Thank you. Im new to Aperature/Raw processing. This helps a lot!

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    As separate topics, Aperture and RAW present difficulties.  Tackling them at once is taking on a lot.


    Here is a brief guide to the parts of Aperture.  Many have found it helpful.


    Here is a brief intro to RAW.  I should re-write it. 

    Read this message the ones following.


    Welcome to our sun-lit clearing in the orchard.  Feel free to start new threads with any questions.


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    I found this post and looked further into this.  When I shoot photos in RAW in a 16:9 ratio they import into Aperture as 3:2.  Not sure what's causing this.  They appear on the camera screen correctly.  BUT, when I shoot in JPG at 16:9 they appear fine. It seems like something with the RAW conversion.


    I shoot on both a Sony A77 and A65.  They both do the same thing when brought into Aperture


    Any ideas on this one?

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    It's doing what it's supposed to do. The camera cuts off part of your image to generate the JPEG. The RAW file gives you exactly what the sensor sees, and doesn't crop anything. You can go ahead and set up a preset in Aperture to crop to a 16:9 ratio, but just be aware that RAW files will be the same no matter what ratio you set in the camera.