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Every night before I go to bed, I put my Mac Pro into a sleep state. When I wake up in the morning the power light is blinking rapidly and the  Mac Pro will not wake up. I have to push the power button, hold it down until the Mac shuts off.When I power up again everything is fine. I've run all the diagnostics through Tech tool Pro 6 and their are no hardware difficulties reported. Does anybody have any idea or encountered a similar problem?

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    My guess is you have a Early 2008 3,1 only because lately it seems so many do.

    Had you tried Apple Hardware Test, hopefully (TTP 6 rarely does), and reset smc.


    Do you have 3rd party controllers and devices that don't support sleep?


    Also, try normal troubleshooting - I'd start with a fresh install and update and test with this system (clone as you go if needed) and only gradually add back in.


    Troubleshooting: My computer won't turn on
    SymptomsIf your Macintosh computer won't turn on, here's how to troubleshoot it. Please keep in mind that although your computer may display similar symptoms that prevent it from showing video, this article discusses what to do if the computer won't turn on, meaning that when you press the power button:
    • You don't hear a startup chime.
    • You don't hear any fan or drive noise.
    • The power button or power indicator doesn't light up at all.
    If your computer doesn't display any video, it may display one or more of these similar symptoms when you press the power button:
    • You may hear a startup chime.
    • You may hear fan or drive noise.
    • You may see the power button or power indicator light up.
    If any of these conditions occurs, see Troubleshooting: My computer has no video instead.


    If your computer won't turn on, try each of these steps:
    1. Make sure that the power cord is plugged into a working wall outlet, and that it's properly connected to the power adapter. (To check if the wall socket is working, plug in a lamp or other electrical device.)
    2. Make sure that the power adapter is properly connected to the power port on the side or back of the computer.
    3. Disconnect all accessories that are plugged into the computer, such as a printer, hub, or other mobile device.
    4. Reset the computer's PMU, SMC, or PRAM. Refer to the instructions for your model:


    reset SMC For "Mac wont' turn on or boot" and relatedhttps://support.apple.com/kb/TS1367

    General purpose Mac troubleshooting guide: Isolating issues in Mac OS XCreating a temporary user to isolate user-specific problems: Isolating an issue by using another user accountIdentifying resource hogs and other tips: Using Activity Monitor to read System Memory and determine how much RAM is being usedStarting the computer in "safe mode": Mac OS X: What is Safe Boot, Safe Mode?To identify potential hardware problems: Apple Hardware TestGeneral Mac maintenance: Tips to keep your Mac in top form
    Apple Hardware Test


    Mac Pro (Mid 2010 and later): Apple Hardware Test diagnostic alerts

    If you test a Mac Pro (Mid 2010 and later) with Apple Hardware Test (AHT), you might encounter an alert indicating that the computer does not pass the reading of the following sensor:



    Note: "0.972" is a value and may vary.


    Although the diagnostic displays the alert that the hardware does not pass for this specific sensor, the computer can be considered as passing. The diagnostic tool does not intepret the sensor value correcly.
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    The flashing LED indicates a hardware fault, usually bad RAM but sometimes the logic board. "Tech Tool Pro" is worthless. The Apple Hardware Test isn't much better, but you could try it.