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Anyone know of a fix?


While the programs still work fine, one fundamental change that Apple has made in Mountain Lion is to push more of the responsibility for displaying the image on the computer monitor to the GPU of the graphics card. Previously these responsibilities were shared with the CPU. Therefore, if you have an older graphics card (even if it is fully compatible with FCPX, as ours are), FCP6/7 has a difficult time playing back 1080 video in the Canvas window (at any size), without breaking up when there is some degree of movement in the video image.The screen cannot refresh quickly enough to draw the video image without showing horizontal banding and some minor digital garbage.


Rest assured that the render files are clean and the output file will be fine. Once exported, a self-contained .mov file will playback fine in Quicktime, showing no banding where there previously was banding when viewed in FCP. This is an issue with display only. If you can live with it, fine. But it is rather distracting while editing.


Can someone please address or advise??? I've tried on my brand new, just before they discontiued, 17 inch MacBook Pro as well and same EXACT issue.


Of course I can down grade to Snow Leopard, but are there any other workarounds? Like changing graphics card?

8-Core 3.0 GHz Intel Xeon MacPro, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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