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I'm thinking of getting an iMac for my next computer, probably in 6 months or so.


From another post/question I have on the forums, someone mentioned that:


'New iMacs no longer come with install disks'


They went onto say that it should be possible to create a bootup/install disk and also create the same on a USB thumb drive.


Basically I wanting to know that in the worst case scenario of my iMac not booting up at all due to some software issue preventing it and I couldnt access the recovery partion. How would I be able to get my iMac up and running again if the iMac did not come with a bootup/install disk?


Also, I was wondering if anyone has created a bootup/install disk and or a USB thumb drive with a recently purchased iMac that has Mountain Lion installed (latest OS) and if so, could you provide me with instructions on how to do this please?



Thanks in advance

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