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I have a 4th gen. ipod shuffle. Fairly recently, the voiceover stopped working. The button still works. When I press it, the music that's playing becomes quieter for a few seconds. However, the robotic voice that says the song titles is missing. I have voiceover enabled. The ipod was exposed to magnets, but none of the music was affected. Could this have somehow caused the voiceover to stop working? More importantly, how can I fix it?

iPod shuffle
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    The Shuffle makes use of flash storage, versus using a traditional hard drive that makes use of a magentic read/write head. So no, the magnets would not have had any affect on the iPod. 


    As for the issue with VoiceOver, have you tried a simple reset yet to see if that makes a difference?

    Resetting iPod shuffle


    Otherwise, can you think of anything else that may have changed with the Shuffle since the last time VoiceOver was working properly on it?



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    I have a similar problem. When I hold the voiceover button, I hear the playlist selection. However when I press it once or double-tap it, I don't hear the current song or artist, or the battery level. I just created an accout for it as well and only have ten songs on it. I dont know what to do either.

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    Well I have a bit other problem, but it's similar to your.

    When I turn up the volume I can hear VoiceOver, but it's very quiet


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    I just received in the mail my new iPod Shuffle and i have the Exact Same problem you describe, the menue voiceover does work but the baterry and the name of the song don´t! have you found any resolution yet??

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    I'm also having the same issue. It orignally was a problem of static that I thought were my earbuds but I switched and it wasnt that. A few times the whole thing actually went dead and I had to reset the shuffle (turn it off then on). And then recently I noticed that the voiceover button doesnt work. When I press it once it doenst display the battery color or tell me the current song, but if I double tap it does tell me battery % and if I press and hold it tells me the play list. For sure some kind of bug, not sure what the deal is. Going to try to take it into apple eventually but its hard for me to make room in my schedule.

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    For Mac OS X:

    1. Quit iTunes.
    2. In the Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder.
    3. Enter /Library/Application Support/iTunes and click Go.
    4. Drag the "iPodVoiceOver.framework" folder to the Trash.
    5. Open iTunes.
    6. Sync your iPod  to iTunes.

    heres the solution that will work for most.

    unfortunely it hasnt worked for me as of yet and im still getting the 1701 error code.

    this is annoying. the main reason i upgraded my shuffle was for this feature.