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Hi guys I have a sync/charger cable for my iPad that is frayed and does not work ... I have absolutely no doubt that Apple would replace it however I have no idea if the cable I have in question is the one from my iPad or iPod (my other cable works fine) ... My iPod is out of warranty so if it happens to be the iPod charger then they should not replace it


does anyone know how to identify which it is from?? if I take it to Apple store for replacing it turns out it is from my ipod will I get in trouble? i know it is just a sync cable and i could just get another one but I am not doing so well at the moment and it would help not to have to buy another one



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    The usb cable is the same. Its the charger that are different(wattage etc).




    Believe so anyways

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    Anways if you buy a new USB cable it will work for all devices. Even a replacement will. I have one attached to my computer that I used for Ipods, Ipads, and Iphones. The only thing I watch is my Ipad charger. I charge that only on that charger it came with. I have used a different cord for that before with no problems.

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    Thanks for your reply


    but what I mean is ... I have my iPod and iPad cables mixed up, I do not know which one is which. My iPad is under warranty but my iPod is not. Will I get into any trouble if I *unwittingly* take the iPod cable and get it replaced under the iPad's warranty



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    Play stupid. Most likely they won't even inquire. It's just a cord.

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    If anything, they would simply tell you, "wrong cable".

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    Thank you


    I was just asking because I had a similar issue with XBOX controller and I tried to get it changed under the wrong warranty, they said I was trying to commit fraud !!





    Then again Apple has better customer service than most

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    Thats weird haha. Apple does have good customer service with my experiences.


    I have an xbox and had to send it in multiple time. Stupid red ring of death. I hardly spoke with anyone though.

    Funny thing though is everytime you send something in you get an "upgraded" gift back. If it happens next time, I am due for a house.

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