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I am new to mac and got rid of a 12yr old dell/w98,old age slowwwwww,locked up.

The kid in the store told me from what I xplained all I would need is what I got.I told him the most capacity I would need would be for some tunes and photos.

"About this Mac"

2.5 GH Quad core Intel i5

6mb shared lvl 3 cache

4g mem

5 g hd


Some pages on the WWW load slow,blue bar sits for 15 20 seconds and if I stop and refresh,BOOM page loads rite up.

Is this due to the web site or did I not buy enough whatever.I dont know which components controls that funchtion.



My current connection is:


DSL Link:Connected

Connection Speed:
Incoming:1536 kbps
Outgoing:384 kbps

Hope I bought enough computer?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion