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I just updated to Mountain Lion on my iMac and also have the latest HP All-in-One Printer Drivers through the Apple Software Update. I recieved a messgae today about memory, when I quit HP Device Monitor the memory freed up was wonderful....


Can anyone please assist me with this issue, besides going with a non HP Printer..



Thank You

MobileMe(iCloud), Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Have you contacted HP?

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    If you are running any HP software please uninstall it following HP's instructions.  That will probably take care of your issue.

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    This is still a work in progress. I have deleted HP software not needed. I have contacted HP, they have no answer and look to Apple for that, this is ok by me..


    Thank you

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    Greetings Chris,


    Which all-in-one printer are you using?


    Is it connected via usb or network?


    Let's try and get this fixed

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    Hi GarlandM,


    I am using an HP Officejet Pro 8500 A910a. It is connected via my Wi-Fi Network. I hope this helps.



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    Hi Chris,


    The best course of action would be to remove the HP Monitor. This will allow your printer to still function, but not slow the entire system down.


    This will remove the features provided by the HP Monitor.


    Removing the HP Monitor will not remove the core functions of the rpinter.

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    Hi Garland,


    Great advice. This I did already from another recent post and their has been no issues. I do appreciate your help and followup and conformation, as Steve Jobs used to say, it helps, thank you.


    Since we are working on Monitors, any advice on "Activity Monitor", this soaks up memory at times, any idea's?



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    Hello Christopherfromnorthbayvillage,

    Thanks for the post.  With this one, another option and I would like to share this with the community that may be experiencing similar issues, would be to remove or turn off ink alerts. 


    Regarding ink alerts and other messages that reoccur after hitting OK on the pop up.  I have learned that in some products you need to actually go into the Message Center and acknowledge the messages there in order for the pop ups to stop.  Simply hitting OK on the pop up does not terminate the alert.  You can Ctrl-Click and highlight all of the messages and acknowledge en masse in the Message Center.

    Please make sure that we are acknowledging the ink alerts and such IN the message center. 

    If these steps do not resolve the issue, there is also the option of turning the messages off altogether. Go to HP utility, should be in the dock or in the Hewlett Packard folder in applications. In there you have an option for message center, in there you can go to settings in the top right, and then uncheck the boxes for displaying alerts.

    I hope this helps....


    I work for HP but my posts and replies are my own....Thank you!

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    How do I remove it, when i try to move it to the trash it says it can not be removed becauae it is open. If i go to activaty monitor and quit it, it will reopen on its own  in a matter of seconds. What do i do?

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    Hello LouRusso041,

    With this one, try the following:  Go to Finder/Go/Hewlett-Packard folder/device utilities and click and drag it to the trash from there without opening it.  Hopefully this will allow you to remove.....Good Luck!


    I work for HP but my posts and replies are my own....Thank you!

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    found a solution have the same issues for quite sometimes now. here you go


    open System preferences

    select print and scan

    select the printer ie: HP Officejet Pro 8500 A910a

    right click then select reset printing system

    it will deleet all available printer in your preferences

    just add it again


    now you can check your activity monitor and viola inkjet3 is gone!!


    then if you want to follow 4stix procedure

    go to library

    then printer

    select Hp

    then delete HP utilities..


    Hope it helps CHEERS

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    I've got an HP 8600 and noticed that the HP Device Manager process was always grabbing cpu (no more than 3%) more than what I think a simple monitor task should be.  Reading other posts about this, it seems HP has not dealt with it - so here is what I did to remedy it.


    You can't delete / rename the process because it is running, and killing the process in Activity Monitor doesn't work because it immediately respawns the process.  so.....  Boot in Safe Mode to do the work...


    Reboot your system and immediately after the startup chime, press the SHIFT key to invoke SAFE MODE bootup.  When the login screen appears, in the top right corner, in red, you should see "SAFE MODE".  If not, redo this step.


    Login.  Then in Finder, select Go, Go to Folder and enter "/Library" without the quotes


    Navigate to Printers / hp / hpio


    In this folder you'll find an app called "HP Device Monitor.app".  Drag this to your Desktop for now.  This should now have removed the app from this folder.  Don't worry about the other file(s) there - leave them.


    Restart your system and log in.  Test printing to your printer.  All should be good - and the HP Device Monitor is history.


    Your mileage may vary - but this is how I removed this seeminlgy low value add cpu time waster from my system.


    Should you have issues with printing after performig this procedure, just drag the app from your Desktop back to the "hpio" folder and restart.  All should be back as it was.  Otherwise, after you are satisfied you haven't lost printing functionality, you can toss the file off your Desktop into the trash.


    Good luck.